Matomo vs Google Analytics 360

Learn about the differences between Matomo Analytics vs Google Analytics 360

If you’re looking for an alternative to Google Analytics 360, Matomo Analytics is a powerful analytics platform that offers a wide variety of features and benefits.

Name Matomo Google Analytics (free) Google Analytics 360
Cloud hosting option
No hassle, we host Matomo for you. Matomo's secure servers are based in German and follow EU laws
On-Premise self-hosting option
Max flexibility, you host Matomo on your servers - a big bonus for data sensitive businesses
Basic Metrics
All standard visitor metrics and reports including location, device, OS, and engagement behaviour. This inlcudes Real-time info and user-flows.
Website Actions
Tracking behaviour on your website including entry pages, exit pages, page titles, site search and event tracking.
Downloads and Outlinks tracks automatically
Gives you comprehensive analysis on items that are downloaded off your website and clicks to external websites without having to setup manually.
Requires manual configuration
Content Interactions
Comprehensive content analysis feature to ensure you get insights into how well your content is performing.
Channel Referrer / Campaign Tracking
Full channel referrers information to get insights to direct, search engine, paid media, social media, external website and email marketing referrer traffic. Also, comprehensive custom campaign insights.
Integration with Google Ads
Get insights into the performance of your Google Ads campaigns.
Integration with the full Google Marketing Platform
Including Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360 etc.
Integration with Google Search Console
Integrate search behaviours and crawling stats from your Google console directly into your UI.
Integration with Bing and Yahoo Search Consoles
Integrate search behaviours and crawling stats from your Bing and Yahoo consoles directly into your UI.
Search Engine Keyword Rankings
See the performance of your keywords and trends over time across Google and Bing search engines.
Make notes throughout your interface to reference later or to share with your team.
Goal, Funnels and Multi Attribution
Define what Goals on your website are important to you and measure the success of these Goals. Map the step-by-step funnel process to measure drop-offs and increase conversion rates. And use the Multi Attribution model to measure First and Last Interactions of your digital channels.
Data Driven Attribution
Advanced Attribution features
Roll-Up Reporting
If you have multiple websites under the one account, you can use the Roll Up feature to combine all the website's data into the same interface.
Media Analytics
Track video and audio analytics from inside your website. See how people are engaging with your media content, where they are located and how are they viewing the most important media on your website.
A/B Testing
Conduct A/B testing to see what content resonates with your audience.
Ecommerce Reporting
Track where your revenue is coming from with comprehensive ecommerce insights.
Form Analytics
Measure the success of the forms on your website. Forms are an important part of the conversion process and you need to ensure your customers are filling them in effortlessly.
Visualize you customer's behaviour on your webpages with Heatmaps; including colour coded hotspots for where users have clicked and scrolling behaviour.
Session Recording
Get video recordings of your customer's interactions on your webpages. This way you understand their expectations, problems they may have, usage patterns, and can improve the usability on your website.
Your Branding
Have your company's branding throughout the simple to use interface with our White Label feature. You can also set custom themes to have the interface looking the way you want.
Custom Reporting
Get the insights that matter to helping you achieve your business goals. Anything is possible by combining metrics from different features to get a deeper understanding of your customer's behaviour.
Tag Manager
Manage third party marketing application tags in a simple manner.
No Data Sampling
We rely on the facts; not cost-effective, time saving data samples for large data! The data you see is real.
Limit 500K Limit 100M
Unsampled Reports
Ensure you have accurate data when it comes to your reporting.
Custom Dimensions
Advanced Segmentation
Full access to raw data via SQL and full access to raw data via API.
Advanced Privacy Controls
User privacy is ingrained into everything we do at Matomo so you can remain in complete control.
GDPR Manager
To be GDPR compliant is one thing but to have a GDPR Manager ensures you are in full control when processing your user's personal data.
Get Support from a dedicated Matomo team member which is included in all cloud hosted packages and as an additional paid option for On-Premise users.
Log Analytics
You can use server log analytics as an alternative method for tracking your website’s users if the Javascript tracking method isn’t feasible or if you need to comply with strict security policies.
Intranet Analytics
Analyse and improve the internal communications, content and experience for your users and colleagues.

"This tool (Matomo) without a doubt, is a serious contender of Google Analytics and serious threat to GA Premium. My primary reason to use Matomo is to get the unsampled data, though it provides many other benefits over GA like full ownership of the analytics data. If your website gets lots of traffic and you can't afford an enterprise level tool like GA premium then Matomo is your best choice. I would even go ahead and say, why spend $150K a year (even if you can afford to) on GA premium, if there are better cheaper alternatives available."

Himanshu Sharma | Digital Marketing Consultant & Founder

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