New Matomo Mobile 2.4.0 released

New Matomo Mobile 2.4.0 update is now available for Android 6+ and iOS10.3+ devices. This is the first mobile release that shows signs of the new Matomo branding instead of Piwik. Don’t be surprised if the app still shows the … Read More

Piwik is now Matomo – Announcement

You may be surprised to read this announcement, but no stress, take a deep breath, nothing big is going to happen, it is just our name that is changing and here are the reasons why. Why are we changing from … Read More

How to track WooCommerce orders in Matomo

According to several sources (,, …) 20% of all online stores are using the WooCommerce WordPress solution. As a result, we thought some of you would be interested in knowing how you can track WooCommerce orders in Matomo (Piwik) … Read More

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