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Matomo has revolutionised what a premium web analytics platform should be where you stay in complete control of your data.

Premium Web Analytics

What makes Matomo a premium web analytics tool?

Matomo’s full range of features allows you to evaluate the entire user-journey of everyone who visits your website. There is no other tool that offers such a complete range of features like Matomo Analytics which includes:

Matomo interface

✔ No Data Sampling – read more
✔ Features unique to Matomo including:

  • ✓ Media Analytics
  • ✓ Content Interactions
  • ✓ Transitions
  • ✓ Row Evolution and many more

✔ Conversion Optimization features (see below)
✔ Visitor Profiles (see below)
✔ Enhanced SEO (see below)
✔ Ecommerce
✔ Custom Reporting
✔ Campaign Tracking
✔ Roll-Up Reporting – combine reporting from multiple websites
✔ White Label – bring in your branding across your interface and reports
✔ All the standard metrics you’d expect from a quality web analytics tool!

Conversion rate optimization

What is Conversion OptimizationThis has become somewhat of a ‘buzz’ phrase in the digital marketing space, but what these tools allow you to do is accurately analyse the user-experience of your visitors and then optimize steps of the user-journey on your website with the ultimate goal to increase conversions.

These features include:

✔ Heatmaps – ► watch video
✔ Session Recordings – ► watch video
✔ Funnels – ► watch video
✔ A/B Testing – ► watch video
✔ Form Analytics – ► watch video
✔ Goals – ► watch video
A truly unique component to Matomo’s features is Visitor Profiles. Here you evaluate every action an individual user has taken on your website which is compiled into a full historical profile.

This lets you see what the life-time journey of an active user looks like, or perhaps you want to see what a profile looks like for a user who comes back time-and-time again without ever purchasing; there is no better way to gain insights to these journeys and this is why the Visitor Profiles feature is so widely used by Matomo users.
Visitors feature overview – watch video
Visitor profile web analytics
SEO web analytics

When it comes to getting conclusive search engine referrer metrics, you need to be sure you’re getting ALL the insights to drive your SEO strategy.

✔ Unbiased search engine reporting
✔ Integration with Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Consoles
✔ Eliminate “Keyword not defined” in your Referrers reports
✔ Keyword ranking positions
✔ Crawling statistics
Acquisitions feature overview – watch video
Still fresh off the development boat, you can now take full control of all third-party tracking codes with Matomo’s open source Tag Manager.A Tag Manager is a centralised management tool that makes it so simple to embed third-party tracking codes to your website without constantly needing access to the backend of your website.
Tag Manager feature overviewwatch video
Matomo Tag Manager

"Matomo is a treasure trove of information. For those that like to delve into the analytics, this is your tool. On top of the usual analytics, Matomo also includes the option for heat mapping so you can see where your users are looking on individual pages and then use that information to increase sales and conversions.The team at Matomo have also been very helpful in setting up the tool and providing support whenever it was needed."

Andrew Arnold | Marketing & Digital Manager

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