Content Management Systems

Developed by Andr. Br.kling

Built for WordPress

WP-Piwik WordPress Plugin

This plugin adds a new Stats dashboard to your WordPress admin area. It’s also able to add and customize the Piwik tracking code to your blog using wp_footer, and provides support for Multi Sites Networks.

Developed by Piwik & InnoCraft

Built for Sharepoint

Sharepoint Analytics

Integrate Piwik web analytics with your SharePoint service and learn more about the productivity of your employees and overall user engagement.

Developed by Olivier Meunier

Built for dotclear

Dotclear2 Plugin Piwik

This plugin integrates Piwik statistical tool in Dotclear.

Developed by Marcel Lange

Built for DokuWiki

DokuWiki plugin for Matomo

This plugin allows you to track visitors statistics of your DokuWiki installation using Matomo. There is an option to exclude admin/users from the statistics.

Developed by Movable Type

Built for Movable Type

Movable Type Piwik module

This plugin provides a small code to insert in the Movable Type footer file to enable Piwik tracking.

Developed by Pimcore

Built for Pimcore

Pimcore native integration of Matomo Analytics

Pimcore features a built-in integration of Matomo. It can can display Matomo dashboards and widgets. Pimcore eCommerce uses the Matomo API to retrieve information about specific users or pages automatically and connect it to your product data.

Developed by Matt Green

Built for Craft

Piwik Plugin For Craft

This plugin allows you to add tracking code to Craft using twig with optional parameters from the Piwik tracking API.

Developed by Flowpack

Built for Neos

Neos Matomo Package

This package integrates Matomo into Neos and is also compatible with older Piwik installations. It also provides an Opt-Out content element and statistics in the Property Inspector.

Developed by Alexander Hass

Built for Drupal

Piwik integrate for Drupal

This module automatically adds the Matomo tracking code to your Drupal website. It can also selectively track certain users, roles and pages and provide direct access to statistics in the reports section using Matomo widgets and API.

Developed by Alberto Velo

Built for DotNetNuke

DNNP DotNetNuke plugin

This plugin automatically inserts the Piwik Tracking code. It also permits you to pick which roles you don’t want to track.

Developed by Michael Daum

Built for Foswiki

Piwik Plugin for Foswiki

This plugin lets you track page views using the Piwik web analytics services.

Developed by Hans F. Nordhaug

Built for PivotX

PiwotX Extension

This plugin automatically inserts the Piwik Tracking code in PivotX.

Developed by Björn Dieding

Built for eZ Publish

eZ Publish module

This extension integrates eZ Publish with Piwik analytics.

Developed by Jos

Built for CMS Made Simple

Piwik Integration for CMS Made Simple

Integrate Piwik Open Source Web Analytics to your CMS Made Simple website. This module can auto-include the Piwik tracking code and it embeds the Piwik dashboard to the CMS Made Simple admin panel.

Developed by zeu

Built for GetSimple CMS

Piwik stats plugin

Piwik plugin is a very simple and tiny plugin to add piwik code to your GS pages.

Developed by nfr

Built for Joomla

Joomla Extension

nfrPiwik is a plug-in that will add the tracking-code for Piwik into your Joomla website, providing powerful analytics to Joomla users.

Developed by jsb, kent1

Built for SPIP

SPIP Contrib Piwik

This plugin will implement the javascript needed for Piwik to manage your site statistics in SPIP.

Developed by Arne Stappen

Built for Contao (TYPOLight)

Contao Extension

This plugin automatically inserts the Piwik Tracking code in Contao, with a few options to customise the code: include backend and/or frontend users, use the page title instead of the alias, list the 404 error pages separately, and set which file extensions are used for the category download.

Developed by Conlabz GmbH

Built for Elgg

Elgg Plugin Piwik

This plugin adds the Piwik tracking code to your elgg installation and shows the administrator the page visits of the last 30 days in a graph.

Developed by Isaac S.nchez Barrera

Built for MediaWiki

Mediawiki Extension Piwik

This extension inserts the Piwik tracking code to the bottom of every page. It excludes the views of the users with ‘bot’ privileges (bots) and the ‘protect’ privileges (sysops). It also adds a Special Page with selected reports.

Developed by DECAF

Built for Redaxo CMS

Redaxo Plugin for Piwik integration

This plugin adds a new Stats addon to your Redaxo CMS, which automatically adds the Piwik tracking code to your Redaxo website pages, and allows you to choose between JS and PHP tracking method. The addon shows a nice short graphical overview within the Redaxo admin section and logs you into the PIWIK backend with one click.

Developed by Yireo

Built for Joomla!

Integrate the Piwik HTTP API into Joomla!

Piwik offers non-JavaScript-based statistics, based on an PHP API, which bypasses the new cookie-regulations of the EU. This plugin does not offer the JavaScript-based solution, it only offers the PHP API. And it works great!

Developed by Kay Strobach

Built for TYPO3

TYPO3 Extension piwik-integrate

This Piwik plugin will auto setup the userrights in the backend. It will also auto create sites in Piwik if configured in TYPO3. It will add Piwik widgets to the TYPO3 frontend. It will also add the Piwik Tracking code.

Developed by Thomas Jakobi

Built for MODX

MODx Module

This module/plugin inserts the Piwik Tracking code at the end of the html code generated by MODX and shows a few widgets in the MODX backend.

Developed by David Bezemer

Built for Moodle

Moodle Analytics

Moodle Analytics is a plugin that lets you integrate the Piwik tracking in your Moodle learning platform.

Developed by Christian Sandberg

Built for TextPattern

TextPattern Piwik Plugin

This plugin will generate the JavaScript code for the Piwik open source web analytics tool. It can ignore your own visits by setting a cookie in the admin panel.

Developed by Plone

Built for Plone

Instructions to setup Piwik on Plone

There is not yet a plugin to integrate Piwik in Plone automatically, but click on the link to see the simple instructions to include the tracking code in all pages.

Developed by Guust Nieuwenhuis

Built for Mura CMS

Mura CMS

Mura CMS plugin for Piwik integration.

Developed by XITASO GmbH

Built for Kooboo CMS

Kooboo Piwik Plugin

This plugin allows easy integration of Piwik with Kooboo CMS.

Ecommerce – Online Shops

Developed by Matomo & InnoCraft

Built for WooCommerce (WordPress)

WooCommerce Analytics

The Matomo plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate your WooCommerce online shop with Matomo and accurately track all Ecommerce interactions. Works even when visitors block the JavaScript or use adblockers. 100% accuracy. Get ecommerce analytics reports – orders, purchased items, abandoned carts and more.

Developed by dh42

Built for PrestaShop

PrestaShop extension for Piwik

This module integrates the Piwik Tracking code in the Prestashop and automatically tracks Ecommerce activity: product and category page views, cart updates, ecommerce orders and all the standard Piwik reports.

Developed by Joscha Krug

Built for Oxid esales

Oxid Analyse Plugin for Piwik

The Plugin for OXID eShop integrates the Piwik eCommerce tracking in the output of OXID eShop. No template adjustements are needed. After activation it could be configured easily inside the OXID eShop backend.

Developed by DREIWERKEN GmbH

Built for shopware

Shopware Integration

Smoothly integrates Piwik into your shopware system.

Developed by Henrik Hedelund

Built for Magento 2

Magento 2 Extension

A module that integrates Piwik eCommerce tracking with your Magento 2 store front: measure which product and category pages are viewed, items added & abandoned in the cart, and your orders and products.

Developed by ANIMAL

Built for Thelia


User and e-commerce tracking into Thelia. E-commerce Analytics with Symfony and Piwik: Orders & Items Purchased, Add to Cart & Items Added to the Cart, Tracking Product Page Views & Category Page Views.

Developed by Stefan Kanitz

Built for osCommerce

osCommerce e-Commerce Analytics

This plugin makes it possible to use Piwik for your osCommerce Shop and sets up Ecommerce tracking: product & category views, cart updates, orders, and all standard Piwik tracking.

Developed by Sebastian Diel

Built for SilverCart

SilverCart Matomo Anylytics

Adds the Matomo ecommerce tracking feature to SilverCart.

Developed by Stephan Miller

Built for Zen Cart

Zen Cart Plugin for Piwik

This Plugin adds the Piwik Ecommerce Tracking code in your Zen Cart Store pages, and loads the Piwik Dashboard in the ZenCart Reports menu.

Developed by Daniel Schumacher /

Built for xt:Commerce

Piwik for xt:Commerce 4

Plugin that will integrate the Piwik Analytics tracking code to measure Ecommerce activity in your xt:Commerce shop.

Developed by Adrian Speyer

Built for Magento 1.x

Magento Extension for Piwik Ecommerce tracking

Automatically sets up Ecommerce tracking in Magento. Features: products detail pages viewed, information from your Carts: Product in carts, Items abandoned carts (lost revenue), Information on Orders: revenue, subtotal, tax, shipping, Conversion rates by sku, category, and more!

Developed by

Built for Virtuemart

Ecommerce Analytics for Virtuemart

The Plugin Piwik for VirtueMart 2 integrates the Piwik eCommerce tracking in your VirtueMart shop. Just enable the plugin, no template adjustements are needed. The following tracking features are included: information from the cart (product in carts, items abandoned carts), information on orders (revenue, subtotal, tax, shipping), conversion rates by sku, category, products.

Developed by Kevin Bibby

Built for OpenCart


This plugin automatically inserts the Piwik Tracking code in OpenCart and sets up full Ecommerce tracking (product views, cart updates and abandonment, and ecommerce order tracking).

CRM, Photo galleries, Forums, Webmails…

Developed by Gregory Oriol

Built for Koken

Matomo plugin for Koken

This Koken plugin automatically generates and inserts Matomo tracking code into your published site, regardless of what theme you have selected.

Developed by Odoo Community Association

Built for Odoo ERP and CRM

Piwik for Odoo ERP and CRM

Piwik analytics tracking and integration for your Odoo ERP and CRM

Developed by Open-Xchange

Built for Open-Xchange

Track user behavior in Open-Xchange

OX App Suite is a device independent middleware platform that integrates messaging, collaboration and 3rd-party cloud-based applications into a single browser interface.

Developed by Florian Beer

Built for Roundcube

Roundcube Webmail Plugin Piwik Analytics

This plugin automatically inserts the Piwik Tracking code in Roundcube Webmail.

Developed by Steve Cohen

Built for Limesurvey

Piwik for LimeSurvey

This plugin integrates Piwik into Limesurvey to measure surveys usage and interactions (paradata).

Developed by Peter Boden

Built for ILIAS

Piwik integrate for ILIAS

Use Piwik Web-Analytics to track ILIAS usage.

Developed by Evan Prodromou

Built for Add-on

This plugin automatically inserts the Piwik Tracking code in

Developed by Lapinkiller

Built for Mantis

Mantis Plugin Piwik

This plugin automatically inserts the Piwik Tracking code in Mantis.

Developed by folding

Built for Simple Machines Forum

Simple Machines Piwik instructions

This plugin will install the Piwik Tracking code in the Simple Machine Forum pages.

Developed by Christophe Furmaniak

Built for Hudson / Jenkins

Jenkins Module

This plugin automatically adds the Piwik Analytics tracking script to all web pages that are served by the Hudson installation.

Developed by David Jones

Built for Sonar

Sonar Plugin

This Piwik Plugin measures individuals browsing activity of the Sonar instance.

Developed by JJ

Built for VBulletin plugin

Vbulletin Addon to integrate Piwik

This plugin automatically inserts the Piwik Tracking code in VBulletin.

Developed by

Built for Atlassian Confluence

Confluence Integration for Piwik

An add-on that will provide your team with powerful analytics for your Team Collaboration Platform Confluence.

Developed by Adrian Speyer

Built for Vanilla Forum

Vanilla Forum Piwik Analytics Plugin

This plugin will add the Piwik Tracking code to your Vanilla Forums pages.

Developed by Quentin Drouet

Built for Trac


This plugin automatically inserts the Piwik Tracking code in Trac.

Developed by querschlaeger

Built for MyBB

Piwik Mod for MyBB

This plugin adds the Piwik tracking code to really every page of your MyBB. You can also count attachment downloads with this modification.

Developed by ayleph

Built for GNU MediaGoblin

Gnu MediaGoblin Piwik

This plugin lets you measure GNU MediaGoblin usage with Piwik.

Developed by Kevin/Board III Portal

Built for phpBB

phpBB setup Instructions to track with Piwik

This plugin allows Piwik integrate into phpbb.

Developed by Scrollytelling

Built for Pageflow

Pageflow Analytics

This Pageflow Plugin will render the Piwik JavaScript snippet in your stories. This allows you to have your own analytics engine and not rely on third parties.

Developed by Yusef Maali

Built for Gallery3

Gallery3 Module

This module makes it easy to keep track visitors on your Photo Gallery running Gallery3 using Piwik.

Developed by Christian Hoffmann

Built for XenForo

Piwik integrate for XenForo

The Piwik integrate lets you track xenForo forum with Piwik.

Programming language, Platforms and Frameworks

Developed by VisualAppeal

Built for PHP

PHP Client for Analytics API

PHP wrapper for the Piwik Reporting APIs which lets you call the HTTP APIs and fetch reports or manage your Piwik with a simple interface.

Developed by Piwik core team

Built for Cloudflare

Cloudflare App for Piwik Analytics

This app will automatically add the Piwik tracking code to your website and track your visitors into your Piwik so you can get a 360 degree view on your users and customers.

Developed by Julien Moumné

Built for C#

C# Client for Tracking API

C# implementation of the Piwik Tracking API, to track visitors, page views, downloads, ecommerce activity, and more.

Developed by Fabian Becker

Built for Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails Piwik Gem

This plugin automatically inserts the Piwik Tracking code in Ruby on Rails.

Developed by sandfox

Built for Node.js

Node.js wrapper for Analytics API

This is a node.js module to access Piwik Analytics API.

Developed by Anush Ramani, Vasil G.

Built for Symfony

Symfony Piwik Plugin

This plugin automatically inserts the Piwik Tracking code in Symfony.

Developed by Jörn Röder

Built for React

Piwik React-Router

Piwik analytics component for react-router

Developed by Luis Farzati

Built for AngularJS


Angulartics is a Vendor-agnostic analytics for AngularJS applications. Just add Angulartics to your app dependencies and you’ll get automatic pageview tracking for your application routes.

Developed by Matthieu Napoli

Built for Twig

Piwik integration with Twig

This Twig extension allows you to integrate the Piwik tracking code easily in your web application.

Developed by Andreas Heigl

Built for Zend Framework 2

Zend Framework 2

This module integrates the Piwik JavaScript tracking code into all WebViews of your ZF2 website.

Developed by Piwik team

Built for PHP

PHP Client for Tracking API

Piwik provides a PHP5 Tracking API Client class to easily track any visit, page view, action, goal, custom variable, or ecommerce interaction in your Piwik server.

Developed by Matthias Urhahn, Alexey Subbotin

Built for Android Apps

Android SDK for Matomo

Use the Matomo Android SDK to measure how users are navigating and using your Android Mobile apps.

Developed by Julien Moumné

Built for C#

C# Client for Analytics API

C# client for the Piwik Analytics API, letting you access any analytics report or manage Piwik websites from your C# project.

Developed by Peter Bittner

Built for Django


The django-analytical application integrates analytics services into a Django project, and also supports Piwik out-of-the-box.

Developed by Paweł Barański

Built for Symfony

Symfony Bundle for API

Allows to create multiple Piwik API clients as Symfony services.

Developed by Fabian W.rtz

Built for Zikula

Zikula module

This plugin automatically inserts the Piwik Tracking code in Zikula.

Developed by Marcus

Built for Zend Framework

Zend Service Piwik

This component can be used to query your Piwik Installation via the API.

Developed by Mike Spainhower

Built for AngularJS


Angular-piwik provides the features of the Piwik Javascript tracker for angular projects. Tracking actions can be done declaratively as attributes of the ngp-piwik html element or programmatically using the Piwik angular service.

Developed by Karol Balejko

Built for Grails

Grails Plugin

This plugin can be used to integrate Piwik open source web analytics in Grails application. The plugin is written in Groovy/Grails without any dependencies on external libraries.

Developed by Perpetual Mobile

Built for Xamarin


This library provides piwik tracking for xamarin apps (Android & iOS) It’s work in progress and comes with no guarantees. Feel free to improve it!

Developed by Piwik team

Built for Java

Java Client for Tracking API

This Java class makes it easy to track any visit, page, goal, ecommerce activity using the Tracking API

Developed by Cornelius Horstmann, Mattias Levin

Built for iOS Apps

iOS SDK for Matomo

Use the official Matomo iOS SDK to measure how users are navigating and using your iOS Mobile apps.

Developed by Achillefs Charmpilas, Rodrigo Tassinari de Oliveira

Built for Ruby

Ruby Client for Piwik API

This plugin installs a simple Ruby client for the Piwik API

Developed by Webfactory GmbH

Built for Symfony2

Symfony2 Piwik Bundle

A Symfony2 Bundle that helps you to use the Piwik Open Analytics Platform with your project.

Developed by Frederic Hemberger

Built for Node.js

Node.js wrapper for Tracking API

This is a Node.js wrapper for Tracking API.

Developed by Patrizio Bekerle

Built for C++ Qt 5

C++ Qt 5 Client for Tracking API

C++ Qt 5 library for Piwik Tracking API, to track visitors, page views, downloads, ecommerce activity, and more.

Developed by Mosalam Ebrahimi

Built for C++

Asio-based C++ client library

An Asio-based cross-platform library in C++ for Piwik, that can be used by desktop and mobile apps.

Developed by Dennis Ruhe

Built for Vue.js

Vue plugin for Matomo

This plugin allows you to easily track an Vue application by automatically tracking page views with the router and gives easy access to the Matomo tracking API.

Developed by Nils Diewald

Built for Mojolicious

Piwik plugin for Mojolicious

Mojolicious::Plugin::Piwik is a simple plugin for embedding Piwik Analysis in your Mojolicious app.

Developed by BonifyByForteil

Built for React Native

Piwik SDK for React Native

Piwik SDK for React Native allows you to track interactions in React Native. It relies on the native Android SDK and on the native iOS SDK for Piwik

Developed by Nicolas Kuttler

Built for Python

Python Client for Tracking API and Analytics API

Python implementation of the Piwik tracking and the analytics API. You can use it to track visitors, ecommerce, actions, goals, generate reports and much more.

Developed by Manuel Lehner

Built for Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium Module for Piwik

Use the Piwik Analytics Module for Titanium to measure how users are navigating and consuming your Mobile apps built using Appcelerator Titanium.

Developed by Raphael Jasjukaitis

Built for Django

Python Library for Piwik

This plugin automatically inserts the Piwik Tracking code in your Django templates.

Developed by Pieter Frenssen

Built for Drupal

Drupal Client for the Piwik Reporting API

Provides an API to retrieve statistics from Piwik Reporting APIs. This module is intended for developers to integrate statistics in their projects, it has no UI for end users or site builders.

Developed by Christoph Walcher

Built for Silverlight

Silverlight Piwik tracking

This plugin automatically inserts the Piwik Tracking code in Silverlight.

Developed by Michel

Built for Google Web Toolkit

GWT Wrapper for Piwik

Ever wanted to use Piwik on your GWT enabled sites? This library implements a java class for GWT allowing you to use Piwik functionality such a recording page hits, outbound link clicks and goals.

Developed by Rob Brazier

Built for Laravel

Laravel Piwik Bundle

This bundle for Laravel allows easy access to the Piwik Analytics API.

Developed by mattiaslevin

Built for Objective-C

PiwikTracker for Objective-C

A PiwikTracker framework in Objective-C for sending events to a Piwik server.

Developed by

Built for Silex Framework

Silex Piwik Service

Allows to create multiple Piwik API clients as Silex services, with lazy-loaded API parameters.

Developed by Convertigo

Built for Convertigo

Convertigo integration

This post explains how to use Matomo in Convertigo Mobility platform’s Mobile builder. Convertigo is an open source MBaaS + MADP lowcode platform for Enterprise mobile app development.

Please note that these plugins, addons and modules linked to on this page are built by third party developers NOT members of the Matomo team. The source code has not been reviewed by the core team, nor did we test them ourselves. Therefore, please use these with caution and report any issues you may experience to the original developer. Keeping the list up to date

To report a broken link, or to submit a new Plugin please get in touch. See also the guide Best practises for Integration Plugins.

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