100% Data Ownership

You never have to worry about your data ending up in the wrong hands.

The need for a free open-source alternative

2005 ushered in a new era as more businesses turned to analytics tools, collecting data to help with their decision-making. Along with that came concerns regarding data storage, ownership and privacy.

With these pressing concerns the foundation of Matomo (originally Piwik) was laid back in 2007. There was a need for a leading open-source web analytics alternative to Google Analytics, which needed to be just as good, but also was respectful of user data, ownership and privacy.

With Matomo, businesses and individuals can rest assured knowing that data is 100% yours and the privacy of your users is respected. The relationship is between the website owner (you) and the visitor, with no external sources looking in. 

Earning people's trust

Matomo continues to champion the right for people to be in control of their own information.

We believe because of that, we’ve been able to grow into one of the most trusted platforms in the world, currently used on over 1.4 million websites, in over 190 countries and in over 50 languages. 

While Matomo’s products have grown, our values remain the same – advocating for 100% data ownership, respecting user-privacy, being reliable and encouraging people to stay secure. Complete analytics, that’s 100% yours.

Something else that will never change is the right to freely self-host Matomo On-Premise; this way you can always host Matomo Analytics on your own servers without having to pay for it.

Matomo leading the charge

“Privacy has become a huge concern worldwide”, says Matomo’s creator, Matthieu Aubry. “Privacy legislation is being developed in Europe and we will be ahead of the game in being ready for those changes. We’ll grow in line with the law and regulation changes.”

Matomo means ‘honesty’ in Japanese and leads the way in openness and transparency.

“Matomo will always be free and community-driven, just as Piwik was”, says Matthieu Aubry. “We have worked with hundreds of people to create the best open digital analytics solution in the world. We’re committed to giving every user full control of their data.”

The change of name is appropriate as the Matomo platform moves into a new stage of growth. But for its community, little will obviously change. The same people will still be involved, and users will still get useful data to improve their own website. That data includes who visits their site, what they do there, how long they stay, and what they buy.

Matomo is a complete, all-in-one, digital analytics solution that gives companies a 360 degree view of their users.

“They can grow their business while still keeping 100% ownership of their data, and being fully compliant with privacy laws”, says Matthieu Aubry. “We’re more motivated than ever to build on that, so Matomo stays ahead of the pack.”

The platform can be fully customised with hundreds of plug-ins, integrations and configurations.

Data privacy now a global movement

We’re pleased to say we’re not the only ones who share this philosophy, web browsing companies like Brave have made it possible so you can browse the internet more privately; and you can use a search engine like DuckDuckGo to search with the freedom you deserve.

Join the Matomo revolution