Matomo's history

Learn how we grew from Piwik in 2007 to Matomo in 2018.

Once upon a time in the space of the World Wide Web, Twitter was in its infancy, the Internet of Things was just becoming a buzzword and the iPhone had just launched. It was 2007 and a bright-eyed engineering student was discovering the concept of free software. His name was Matthieu Aubry.

Matthieu rallied some of his friends and started a little open-source analytics project called, Piwik. This community grew, as did the mission. To create a powerful alternative analytics tool that respected user privacy and gave users 100% control of their own data.

Here in 2018, the community has grown into a team. Our name is now Matomo, but our ideals are still the same. We remain dedicated to providing a formidable web analytics platform that continues to give users full control of their data.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have others believe in our mission too. So much so that Matomo is now a leading Open Source Web Analytics Platform, used by more than 1.4 million websites* in over 190 countries. 

*according to Usage Statistics from

Birth of Matomo in London

First public version 0.1.1

First Matomo Mobile App

Piwik 1.0 Public release!

Ecommerce Analytics, Custom Variables, First Party Cookies + Privacy features

1 Million Downloads!

Matomo is now available in 50 Translations!

Major release Matomo 3.0, new material design and incredible improvements!

Piwik has been renamed to Matomo!

3,000 active total customers

Beta release of Matomo for WordPress

1,300+ active users of the Matomo for WrodPress beta plugin

Paid Advertising Performance Premium feature release

Matomo Cloud tracked more than 1 billion pageviews for the first time

10K Matomo for WordPress downloads

Released Matomo 4.0

Matomo for WordPress reaches 20K websites

30K active Matomo for WordPress installations

Matomo for WordPress hits 60K active installs

Matomo 5.0 beta release

Matomo for WordPress hit 80K active installs

Matomo received the Intelia Tech For Good Innovation Award in Auckland

First alpha release

Award Best of open source enterprise software in Web Analytics

Sourceforge Project of the Month!

Independent Center for Privacy Protection in Germany says Matomo can be used in compliance with data protection laws

Log Analytics feature

Major release Matomo 1.12, last version before Matomo 2.0!

Matomo brand redesign and version 2.0

100,000 active users

Launch of Matomo Tag Manager

Google Analytics Importer plugin released

700+ active users of the Matomo for WordPress beta plugin

Matomo for WordPress is live on the WP marketplace

Reached 4,000 users of Matomo for WordPress

100M plugin downloads on the marketplace

4K active total customers

Tracking Spam Prevention feature released

5K active total customers

Increased security bug bounty for critical issues from 5,000 USD to 10,000 USD

One of five finalists at the NZ Hi Tech Awards in the category of Hi-Tech Emerging Company of the Year

Crash Analytics feature released

Reached 14K customers

Matomo 5.0 Released