First alpha release

Award Best of open source enterprise software (Web Analytics)


Project of the Month!

First Piwik Mobile App

Piwik 1.0

Public release!

Ecommerce Analytics, Custom Variables, First Party Cookies + Privacy features

Log Analytics feature

Major release Piwik 1.12, last version before Piwik 2.0!

Major release Piwik 3.0, new material design and incredible improvements!

Launch of Matomo Tag Manager

Birth of Piwik in London

First public version 0.1.1

100,000 active users

Independent Center for Privacy Protection in Germany says Piwik can be used in compliance with data protection laws

1 Million Downloads!

Piwik is now available in 50 Translations!

Piwik brand redesign and version 2.0

Piwik has been renamed to Matomo!

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