Work with the Matomo team to gain insider knowledge and use Matomo Analytics to its full potential faster with less effort

At Matomo, we understand that time is hard to find in your busy day-to-day schedule to set up and often taking full advantage of your web analytics platform can feel like a daunting task. However, the Matomo On-Premise Support Subscriptions are designed to help relieve the load and we are here to assist you every step of the way. 

With a Matomo On-Premise Support Subscription, let our experienced team assist you online in utilising Matomo Analytics to grow your business.

✔   Support from a dedicated Matomo team member every step of the way
✔   Onboarding questionnaire and meeting with a Matomo Support member
✔   Send your questions to our priority support email address 24/7
✔   Email alerts for security releases for Matomo

Save time and money. Get up to speed with Matomo Analytics to grow your business faster.

✔   Support with installation, configuration and troubleshooting requests
✔   Support for Matomo Tag Manager
✔   Support for all official plugins
✔   Support for installing the latest Matomo version on your servers
✔   Access to exclusive user guides and detailed Matomo On-Premise technical guides

Matomo On-Premise comes with many unique benefits compared to other analytics solutions.

✔   100% data ownership – nobody except you can access your data
✔   Keeps your data secure
✔   No data limitations
✔   Choose the location of your data
✔   Customisable through configurations and plugins
✔   Raw data access

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Matomo On-Premise Support Plans

Choose the Support plan matching your overall yearly traffic level:

Up to 10M Actions

per year
  • (or $2,090 USD per year)
  • Up to 10 million website actions per year
  • 1 business day average response time

Up to 100M Actions

per year
  • (or $3,990 USD per year)
  • Up to 100 million website actions per year
  • 1 business day average response time

Up to 1B Actions

per year
  • (or $6,900 USD per year)
  • Up to 1 billion website actions per year
  • 1 business day average response time

To purchase a Support Plan by wire (bank transfer) instead of Credit card or Paypal, please contact us.

Are you tracking more than 80 million website actions per month or more than 1+ billion websites actions per year? Contact us directly for an Enterprise Support Plan.

"We haven't regretted our decision for Matomo Analytics a single day. It's by far one of the most valuable and absolutely indispensable tools in our toolset, and helps us not only to measure and compare the performance of the features and actual contents of our 10+ websites, but also to make informed decisions about where to go next, thus boosting the overall advancement and progress of our projects. Plus, it's fun to use!"


Support plans can be used for a set maximum number of actions tracked per year:

  • If you track less than 10 million website actions per year: get any plan. 
  • If you track between 10 million and  100 million actions per year, get either “Up to 100M actions” or “Up to 1B actions” plans.
  • If you track between 100 million and 1 billion actions per year, get the “Up to 1B actions” plan.
  • If you track more than 1 billion actions per year or if you have any other requirements or needs, please contact us to discuss a custom Enterprise plan.

To find out the number of actions tracked per year, go to Matomo, open the “All Websites” dashboard and in the calendar, select “Month”, then click on the busiest month of the year, and click “Apply”. The number of actions per month is displayed at the top next to the “All Websites dashboard” title:

If you are currently using another analytics tool, you can look for the total “hits” per year or “pageviews and events” per year (equivalent of “actions” per year). For example if you are using Google Analytics you can find the number of hits by going to the “Admin” panel, then at the “Property level”, click “Property Settings” and scroll down to “Property Hit Volume”. The number of hits per month is displayed next to the “Last 30 days”. To get hits per year, we multiply this number by 12.

To learn about your requirements and goals with analytics, and help your business be successful with Matomo On-Premise, we will invite you to fill in our onboarding questionnaire.

A one-off onboarding meeting will be offered so one of our Matomo experts can review your questionnaire answers and go over key points together.

Note that filling in our onboarding questionnaire and attending the one-off onboarding meeting are optional (free) services which you can skip if you prefer.

Our Support plans provide you expert email support and guidance for installation, configuration and optimization of Matomo on your infrastructure, as well as troubleshooting and resolving specific issues resulting from the use of Matomo Analytics.

Starter, Standard or Premium subscriptions will include:

  • Quality,  friendly email support by the people who make Matomo.
  • Help setting up Matomo and keeping it running on your own infrastructure.
  • Help upgrading Matomo to the latest release.
  • Help in understanding specific features in Matomo.
  • Help in using all features of Matomo such as tracking pages, custom events, storing custom dimensions, tracking objectives and funnels, creating segments, tracking forms and media players, and much more.
  • Access to User guides, FAQs, and our detailed Matomo On-Premise PDF technical guides.

  • Integration of Matomo into your corporate infrastructure (for example via LDAP or SAML authentication).

  • Answering your questions about specific details of procedures, such as discussing available features, options and limitations.

  • Working with the Matomo software engineering team to isolate, document, and find circumventions for reported software defects.

  • Addressing any concerns with documentation by providing you with additional examples if necessary, or an explanation of concepts that require clarification.

  • A broad overview of hardware tuning, Matomo configuration enhancements for achieving optimal performance and scalability.

  • Clarification of any apparent discrepancies in data displayed in reports.

  • Support for a single instance* of Matomo
    (*An instance is regarded as a single ‘logical’ server running Matomo either as a single server setup or in a load balanced multi-server setup connecting to the same Matomo database)

The following items are not generally supported:

  • Alterations or revisions to the Matomo software made by the customer.
  • For operating systems, third-party applications and custom Matomo plugins, we will be able to convey any knowledge that we have, but we are unable to provide support for another vendor’s software.
  • Adding features to Matomo. Many great features in Matomo came from users and customers suggestions. If you have an idea for a valuable new feature, our team will make sure we try our best to understand exactly what your needs are and what the feature would do. However, we can’t make promises.

Best effort is made to resolve problems as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

All questions and problems reported to the technical support team will initially be handled by a support engineer who will work with you to identify and solve your reported issue.

Due to the complex nature of software development and operating environments, we cannot guarantee the time it will take to resolve a problem. In addition, our response times may be affected if you fail to provide requested information. We reserve the right to request that you upgrade to the current version of Matomo, in order to resolve a known problem or technical issue.

We aim to resolve your issue on the first response when possible.

Our target response time varies from less than three business days (“Up to 10M actions” and “Up to 100M actions” plans) to less than two business days (“Up to 1B actions” plan).

Over the last 12 months, our average response time has been under one business day.

Yes! We offer all Support Subscription customers a 10% discount on the Matomo Premium Plugin Bundle.

Simply add the Premium Bundle to your cart, and then apply the following coupon code upon checkout: Get_Premium_Bundle_Support_Deal

The Premium Bundle will take your Matomo On-Premise to the next level with these unique features:

  • Heatmap Analytics: Heatmaps, Scroll maps and Clicks of your users displayed in beautiful overlay heatmap reports.
  • Session Recording lets you record all activities on a page of a real visitor such as clicks, mouse movements, scrolls, window resizes, page changes, and form interactions. You can then replay these interactions in a video to see exactly how a visitor interacted with your website.
  • Custom Reports lets you create any report you need combining dimensions and metrics to ensure that you can always quickly get the exact information you need.
  • A/B Testing Platform lets you experiment and optimise your websites, apps and marketing campaigns by running A/B tests running increase your conversions.
  • Form Analytics gives you the insights you need to make your forms better at converting your users. See where and when do visitors leave your forms.
  • Media Analytics gives powerful insights into how your audience watches your videos and listens to your audio.
  • Conversion Funnels help you understand where your visitors drop off so you can increase your conversions, sales and revenue with your existing traffic.
  • Multi Channel Conversion Attribution gives a clear understanding of how much credit to attribute to each of your marketing channels, so you can shift your marketing efforts and spends wisely.
  • User Flow is a visual representation of the most popular paths your users took through your website or app. Get more insights by analysing those paths and where along in the path they exited your site.
  • Audit log shows all user activities happening in your analytics platform for better security and problem diagnostics.
  • Search Engine Keywords Performance makes visible – into your Referrers reports – all your keywords searched by your users on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The ultimate solution to ‘Keyword not defined’.
  • Roll-Up Reporting lets you aggregate data from multiple websites, mobile apps and shops into one (or more) Roll-Up site to gain new insights and save time.
  • SAML integration lets your users connect to Matomo with any Identity Provider such as OneLogin, Okta, Ping Identity, ADFS, Google, Salesforce, SharePoint.
  • White Label lets you resell Matomo to your customers and gives them access to their analytics reports with your custom brand.

Premium Features Bundle pricing depends on the total number of users who have an account on your Matomo. We differentiate between the following subscription types:

  • Up to 4 Matomo team members
  • 5-15 Matomo team members
  • Unlimited Matomo team members

To find out the total number of team members (users) registered on your Matomo (which may include for example your employees, partners, customers, contractors…), go to Matomo, click on the “Administration” icon in the top right corner to load the admin area. The number of users is shown in the widget “System Summary” in the top left:

Get 10% off your Premium Features Bundle by adding it to the cart and then using the following coupon code in the Checkout page: Get_Premium_Bundle_Support_Deal

Email us at:

InnoCraft / Matomo
PO Box 625
7 Waterloo Quay
Wellington 6011
New Zealand


We do not have any access to your Matomo infrastructure or data. We cannot and do not need access to your Matomo server(s) or database, the infrastructure it is hosted on or the data that you collect in your Matomo instance.

There may be some cases where we may need to request access to your Matomo instance in order to troubleshoot issues, but this does not happen often. When we do need to access your Matomo instance, we will request it at the time that it becomes necessary.

When we do request access, we will request that you not send us the password by email, but instead to just create an account with a randomly generated password and we will use the password reset feature to gain access, each time we need to access your Matomo instance using this account. The level of access in this instance is determined entirely by you, you can grant us access to specific websites using the “View” permission in the Matomo user management if applicable.

Once the purpose that the account was created for is complete, we will ask that you delete the user account from your Matomo instance.

If we ever need to request certain types of data that may be of a sensitive nature (such as for example web server access log files to troubleshoot an issue), we will provide you with a secure FTP account on our server located in France in order to facilitate this data transfer.

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