No longer falsely over-estimate any marketing channel and make smarter decisions when determining advertising spend.

Marketing Attribution (also known as Multi Touch Attribution) lets you measure the success of every touchpoint in the customer journey. This means you will accurately measure (and assign value to) channels where visitors first engaged with your business, where they came from after that, as well as the final channel they came from before purchasing your product or service.

Learn about Matomo’s Marketing Attribution feature also known as “Multi Attribution”

The customer journey begins days, weeks or even months before making a purchase from your website, so when and where did your visitor first engage with your business? Is there a financial benefit to your brand awareness campaigns? Or have you ever questioned the true financial benefits of your engagement channels like social media or blog posts? What is the true value of your paid ads campaigns?

Answer all those questions with Marketing Attribution.

Shift marketing budgets to channels that have the greatest impact on your ROI

Discover exactly which marketing channels have the biggest impact in the customer journey. Marketing Attribution lets you invest your marketing budget more wisely as it presents a more accurate perspective of how many conversions, or how much revenue, you should assign to referrer channels based on multiple touchpoints through the purchasing journey.

Without Marketing Attribution, chances are very high that you give the wrong channels too much credit for your success, resulting in a waste of time and investment for your business.

Discover shift patterns over time

You can track how channel performance at each touchpoint has changed over time with the Row Evolution feature.

This way you can see if there were increases or decreases for conversions and revenue through different attribution models at any important time.

Prevent losing traffic when you see a negative trend occur or capitalise when you see a positive response from your users.

Pros and cons of different marketing attribution models.

Attribution models to easily gain insights

There are different models to make sense of how to measure multiple touchpoints in the customer journey.

You can remove all direct traffic to your website from last interactions as often this provides little value.

Other models include assigning equal value to each touchpoint in the customer journey (Linear model). You can credit more value to the last interactions as you may feel they played a more important role (Time Decay model.) Or you can credit 40% of the value to the first interaction, 40% to the last interaction and 20% for anything in between (Position Based model.) 

Identify which model works best for your business and get the insights you need in a matter of seconds.

Benefits of choosing Matomo


You are the owner of the data you collect and nobody else. 

Get full control over your data.


Evaluate all your metrics over time.

There are no limitations when using  this feature On-Premise.


Matomo is fully privacy compliant.

With Matomo you remain in control of your data, while still getting deep insights into your websites and apps.

Cost effective

Get a clearer picture of the entire acquisition process from start to purchase and make smarter decisions about where to allocate your marketing budget. Maximise your ROI by understanding which channels matter most.

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