All hosting options give you 100% data ownership and full privacy compliance.

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"We absolutely love Matomo. The more we learn about this platform, the more we understand what an incredible value is being provided. We save about 150K per year using Matomo.​"

Michael Fatica | MetaLocator Chief Executive Officer
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100% data ownership & full privacy protection
GDPR / CCPA compliant
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Requires technical knowledge, and a server
Choose where your data is stored In Europe In Europe
Support Email-Support Email-Support Free community support or paid support subscriptions Free community support or paid support subscriptions
Websites 3 30 Unlimited Unlimited
Team members 3 30 Unlimited Unlimited
Segments 10 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Goals 15 150 Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Dimensions 10 30 100 100
Raw data retention 6 months 24 months Forever Forever
Customise above limits with Cloud Enterprise
Report data retention Forever Forever Forever Forever
No data sampling
Google Analytics data importer
GDPR Manager
API access
Standard reports
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Activity Log
From 19EUR/year
WooCommerce Analytics
From 39EUR/year
Search Engine Keywords Performance
From 129EUR/year From 69EUR/year
From 179EUR/year From 89EUR/year
Users Flow
From 79EUR/year From 39EUR/year
White Label Custom Logo + Custom Colors From 49EUR/year
Heatmap & Session Recording
From 199EUR/year From 99EUR/year
A/B Testing
From 199EUR/year
Paid Advertising Performance
From 149EUR/year From 79EUR/year
Custom Reports
100 From 199EUR/year From 99EUR/year
150 From 149EUR/year From 79EUR/year
Media Analytics
From 149EUR/year From 79EUR/year
Roll-Up Reporting
From 89EUR/year
Multi-Channel Conversion Attribution
From 79EUR/year From 39EUR/year
From 89EUR/year From 49EUR/year
Tag Manager
SQL raw data access
SAML integration Available in Cloud Enterprise Available in Cloud Enterprise From 499EUR/year
LDAP integration Available in Cloud Enterprise Available in Cloud Enterprise
Custom Domain Available in Cloud Enterprise Available in Cloud Enterprise
Fully customisable and extensible Partially Partially
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Do you have special plans for open-source projects, non-profits, groups of friends, and other non-commercial entities?

We are proud to support non-profit organisations and charities around the world that seek to better their communities, provide social good, preserve culture or the environment, provide relief to the poor, or promote human rights. Eligible non-profit organisations may receive a discount. Get in touch to learn more

Can I move between Cloud-hosted and On-Premise at any time?

Yes! That’s because you are the owner of your data. We can import the data that you’ve collected On-Premise and import it into the Cloud or give you an export from your data on the Cloud so you can use it On-Premise. Email us to get more information

Can I downgrade or upgrade at any time?

Yes! When you do, you’ll only pay for the difference based on the number of days left in your current billing period (prorating). You can also switch between yearly and monthly billing.

Where is the data located?

When you choose to use our Cloud-hosted version, the data is stored in Frankfurt, Germany. When you self-host Matomo On-Premise, you can choose where the data should be located by setting up servers in your preferred location.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

We encourage you to get in touch with us so we can answer any questions you may have. Shoot us an email here