Content Tracking is a feature within Matomo that is designed to show how effective specific pieces of content are at generating interactions on any page of your website or app. You might be wondering how often a specific ad or a banner was displayed and viewed by your visitors on any of your pages and how often a visitor actually interacted with them. We call these two parts content impression and content interaction. Comparing these two metrics allows us to generate an interaction rate.

This feature is not only limited to ads or banners and it can help you discover the most effective placements and variations for any of your content. Once a page has loaded we log a content impression for each content block that is visible to the user. A content block consists of a content name (My Product 1), a content piece ("product1.jpg" or "Buy Product 1 now") and a content target ( As soon as a visitor clicks on a content block a content interaction is logged allowing you to analyze the ratio of content impressions to content interactions. As soon as a visitor scrolls down the page and sees more ads/banners/blocks, we automatically log the impression for each block.