Matomo contributors

To those who laid the foundation of Matomo.

From the start, there was always something special driving this open-source project forward: 

Our contributors from across the globe.

This spirit of people coming together with a shared goal of building a #1 open-source analytics tool has remained. Because of them we can proudly say we’re helping millions of people around the world achieve greater insights. 

If you believe in our vision of building an outstanding (and open!) analytics platform, work alongside the Matomo team to continue this growth into the future! To learn more about how you can participate, see Get involved … or simply get in touch with us.

So, who are the Matomo contributors?

Matomo Contributors

In 2005 it became apparent accurate data-driven decisions could now drive businesses … but this opened up questions like, where was data being stored? Who owned it? 

Struggling to find answers to these questions, Matthieu Aubry formed Matomo back in 2007, an open-source alternative to Google Analytics. Many data conscious individuals and businesses also chose to follow by taking this alternative route to ensure their valuable data remained in their own hands.

Matthieu found a passionate and hardworking team who shared his vision for a safer web. Together they dedicated countless hours to make Matomo (formerly Piwik) a reality. With this team and help from businesses, including InnoCraft, Mayflower, OpenX and Catalyst to name a few; Matomo quickly grew to become the #1 open-source analytics platform in the world, now used on over 1.4 million websites around the globe.

This team laid the foundation of what Matomo is today. 

We are forever grateful for the commitment, the time and the dedication they gave to this project, and for the passion each of them brought and continue bringing to the team.

The Matomo contributors

Matthieu Aubry

Founder of Matomo, Lead developer.

Brett Csorba

Java client for Matomo API creator and maintainer

Stefan Giehl

Matomo Core developer, Translations Coordinator, Device Detector maintainer.

Cornelius Horstmann

Maintainer of the iOS SDK for Matomo (iOS Analytics).

Stefan Koning

Creator of the Matomo certification program which allows individuals to become officially recognized as a Matomo Certified Professional.

Edmond Major III

Referrer Spam Blacklist maintainer

Julien Moumné

C# clients for Matomo creator and maintainer, Matomo Core developer.

Pierre Ozoux

Matomo Docker project creator and maintainer.

Aurélien Requiem

Debian package for Matomo creator and maintainer.

Thomas Steur

Lead developer for Matomo, Matomo Mobile creator and maintainer.

Alexey Subbotin

Android SDK for Matomo creator and maintainer (Android analytics).

Matthias Urhahn

Android SDK for Matomo maintainer (Android analytics).

Lukas Winkler

Matomo developer and creator of the Matomo Icons project.

Other Contributors

Gregor Aisch

Matomo Core developer, Gregor is our visualisation genius who created our beautiful Visitors world maps and Real time user maps.

Cyril B.

Log Analytics creator.

Fabian Becker

Matomo Core developer, Fabian contributed several improvements to Matomo platform.

Timo Besenreuther

Matomo Core developer, Timo has created some of our most loved features such as Transitions, Row Evolution and Page Overlay.

Peter Boehlke

Matomo Consultant in Germany, Peter has contributed many improvements to Matomo since the early days of the project.

André Bräkling

André created WP-Piwik, the popular WordPress plugin that provides a full integration of Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) for WordPress.


Catalyst specialises in developing, designing and supporting enterprise grade systems using open source technologies. Catalyst has kindly provided beautiful office space and support to our NZ Matomo team members which we greatly appreciate.

Victor Dibia

Victor implemented the first version of the SEO widget which displays key Search Engine Optimisation metrics in the dashboard.

Noah Firth

Noah was Translations Coordinator for years and has helped our awesome translators worldwide contribute to Matomo.

Marcin Galecki

Marcin created a fresh and professional new design for our Matomo 1.0 release, and also designed the custom segments editor.


The creators of Matomo, InnoCraft offers outstanding products and services which help you grow your business. Premium plugins for Matomo, Cloud-hosted service, and Support subscriptions. InnoCraft serves businesses of all sizes including Enterprise and are the leading Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) experts.

Rafał Lemieszewski

Rafał participated in creating the design of website as well as the user interface design for our Matomo 2.0 release.

Mattias Levin

iOS SDK for Matomo creator and original maintainer (iOS Analytics).

Johan Mathé

Johan was system administrator in the first few years of the project, and helped setup Matomo servers and our various web services.


Mayflower is a well known German software development house who has sponsored two of their talented employees to work part-time for a few years on Matomo and Matomo Mobile.

Matthieu Napoli

Matomo Core developer, Matthieu contributed many improvements to the Matomo platform, developer guides, PHP components, and created several of our open source Matomo plugins.


OpenX sponsored Matthieu in 2007-2008 to work full time building the first public version of Matomo. While employed at OpenX, Matthieu developed Matomo further and supported the growing users community.

Anthon Pang

Anthon has designed some major features in Matomo such as the first version of the Javascript Tracker.

Khanh Pham

Khanh implemented the “Restore UI state on reload” which was a significant improvement to the user experience.

Julien Rouvière

Julien created the first version of customisable dashboards in Matomo.

Thomas Seifert

Thomas has kindly hosted our discussion forums for many years on his server infrastructure.

Adrian Speyer, Robert Schilt and Thierry Scelles

Adrian, Robert and Thierry contributed to the project with their fresh Marketing & PR skills.

Stepan Sukharyna

Stepan implemented the templates, stylesheets and scripts for the Matomo 1.0 redesign.

Thomas Zeithaml

Thomas implemented the original Live! real time analytics plugin and is a Matomo consultant in Germany.

Thomas Zilliox

Thomas is our CSS & web Expert who contributed many improvements to our HTML and CSS platform codebase.

Matomo Translators

Matomo translators have done an incredible job breaking down barriers by making Matomo available to so many people of different languages and cultures. Thank you all!

Matomo Support Team

Matomo Support team are dedicated to providing professional services for Matomo including custom development, technical support, user training and more.