Take back control with Matomo – a powerful web analytics platform that gives you 100% data ownership.

Trusted on over 1 million websites in over 190 countries.

United Nations uses Matomo
Red Bull uses Matomo
Amnesty stays secure with Matomo
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Matomo - Google Analytics alternative

Don’t damage your reputation with Google Analytics

You could lose your customers’ trust and risk damaging your reputation if people learn their data is used for Google’s “own purposes”.

By choosing the ethical alternative, Matomo, you won’t make privacy sacrifices or compromise your site. You can even use Matomo without needing to ask for consent. Read more.

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"This tool (Matomo) without a doubt, is a serious contender of Google Analytics and serious threat to GA Premium." ​

Himanshu Sharma | Digital Marketing Consultant

Be in full control with data ownership and privacy protection

With 100% data ownership you get the power to protect your user’s privacy. You know where your data is stored and what’s happening to it, without external influence. We’re serious about privacy here at Matomo and keeping your business GDPR and CCPA compliant.

More reasons why our clients love Matomo

Minimise risk with a secure, transparent platform that’s been thoroughly tested by hundreds of contributors. 

No data sampling means you can make impactful decisions based on 100% accurate reporting.

Matomo experts will save you time and money by providing guidance on how best to use your Matomo.

Create the tool of your dreams. Matomo can be customised and extended to meet your every need.

No need to sacrifice your historical Google Analytics data as you can import your GA data directly into your Matomo.

Get an unlimited number of websites, users and segments. There’s also no limitation on how much data you store.

Easy to use

Easily navigate through a user-friendly interface to get the data you need, faster.

The comprehensive range of features gives you actionable insights and a complete picture of your customers.

Securely track personal data in accordance with privacy laws. This option is unavailable with GA.

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We’re trusted on over 1 million websites in over 190 countries. 

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