We are proud to announce Piwik 3.0.3: a new minor release of Piwik Analytics.

What’s new?

Piwik reporting dashboards will now uses less browser memory: several leaks were identified and fixed by a researcher. We’re using completely new Flag icons for all countries + cities + regions reports, and visible in the Visitor Log and Visitor Profile: the new flags are less glossy, flatter and easier to scan! Our email reports report graphs library has been changed for bringing better speed, and compatibility with the latest PHP 7.1. And we’ve created a new project for gathering all our icons in one place and make it easier for anyone to contribute: github.com/piwik/piwik-icons.

Overall, we’ve fixed many small issues reported by our awesome community to make things a bit better everywhere, including more secure. And we’ve added new detections for brands, new device models, new referrer spammers and social networks. And Piwik has never been so fast!

63 tickets have been closed by more than 16 contributors.

After You Update

  • Use the forums if you have any question or feedback (free support),
  • Please help us spread the word about Piwik! Maybe you can write about the project on your blog, website, twitter, talk about Piwik Analytics at conferences, or let your friends and colleagues know what is Piwik. Already 1,000,000+ websites have liberated their web analytics, and with your help we can grow the community!
  • To improve Piwik in your language consider contributing to translations,
  • We can help you make the most of Piwik with our various services. Contact the professional Piwik team via Contact Support and we will get back to you.
  • The Piwik team is actively looking for a new maintainer for the official Piwik iOS SDK. Let us know in this issue if you are interested to maintain our iOS SDK.

Security release

Because we’ve improved the security of Piwik (more details below), we highly recommend that you upgrade to this 3.0.3 release.

In this release we have disabled the ability for Super Users to upload and install a custom plugin via the ZIP upload form. This can now be enabled by setting a new config file setting (see the changelog below). We also fixed a couple of medium-impact security issues: an XSS and an open redirect issue have been fixed. Both issues required a user to be properly authenticated in a Piwik instance. Thanks to the researchers for responsibly disclosing these issues as part of our Security Bug Bounty Program.

Database upgrade

This release does not contain any major database upgrade.

Platform Changes

Piwik is an open analytics platform. In an effort to help Piwik developers learn about improvements and changes in the core APIs, we document the changes since the last release.

In this 3.0.3 release there are breaking changes, New APIs, and the internal graph charting library (for email reports graphs) has been updated. Read more in Platform Changelog for Developers to see all changes to the platform and APIs.

Note: the Marketplace showcases more than 48 plugins already compatible with Piwik 3 but we think this is just the beginning. Piwik is your universal data analytics platform!

New and updated guides and FAQs



New plugins

By the Piwik team and InnoCraft:

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List of 63 tickets closed in Piwik 3.0.3

  • #11329 Add option to disable plugin upload [by @sgiehl]
  • #11553 New flag icons [by @Findus23, @mattab]
  • #11510 Page Overlay may show the Piwik top bar behind the Website page overlay report [by @phoob, @mattab]
  • #11419 Custom logo with white text and transparency is not visible on error pages [by @sgiehl]
  • #11473 More secure / more random integer generation [by @tsteur]
  • #11350 Fix multiple memory leaks in UserCountryMap [by @jvilk, @sgiehl]
  • #11354 Fix memory leaks in data table / jqplot [by @jvilk, @sgiehl]
  • #11370 Package “mass icons” via composer or submodule
  • #11277 On “No data has been recorded yet” show links to guides, faq and features [by @sgiehl]
  • #11408 Default value for a plugin setting should be the human readable value [by @sgiehl]
  • #11436 “No data has been recorded yet” page should mention alternative SDKs [by @sgiehl]
  • #11498 Pressing ALT+d keyboard combination should not open calendar [by @sgiehl]
  • #11505 always use window.jQuery instead of $ in ui tests [by @tsteur]
  • #11559 Replace pChart library with CpChart [by @sgiehl, @mattab]
  • #6538 Marketplace Plugins ZIP file cannot be decompressed on some systems (eg. Windows) [by @sgiehl, @mattab]
  • #10596 NumberFormatting problems, avg. page generation time is displayed with two decimal points in German language
  • #11116 Running the archive via cron will result often in errors “Illegal string offset ‘XAxisDisplay’ ‘XAxisFormat’ ” [by @sgiehl]
  • #11276 Scheduled reports with images can generate error “Call to undefined method Piwik\DataTable\Simple::getDataTables() in plugins/ImageGraph/API.php on line 423 [by @mattab, @sgiehl]
  • #11323 Scheduled PDF Reports: Report Referrer Type shows only keywords but not detailed titles [by @sgiehl]
  • #11389 Integrity Check (whitelist misc/*.bin) + notice message [by @sgiehl]
  • #11464 “Export as Image” exported image graph does not fit in the popover on displays > 2k [by @sgiehl]
  • #11471 showColumns in Multisites API by pageviews does not work
  • #11485 Fix Overlay bubbles on Firefox (and Opera Mini) [by @phoob, @mattab]
  • #11489 Unable to find report ‘Insights.getInsights’. [by @sgiehl]
  • #11493 Error with mover and shaker widget after updating to Marketing Campaigns Reporting [by @sgiehl]
  • #11511 Page Overlay: for links to the left of the screen, bubbles are partially hidden [by @phoob, @mattab]
  • #11512 Premium Plugin Installer shows false error message after install [by @tsteur, @mattab]
  • #11567 Undefined index warning in archive log (plugin: DevicesDetection) [by @sgiehl]
  • #11571 Intl LC_NUMERIC use fallback if locale en_US not installed [by @peterbo, @sgiehl]
  • #11504 [automatic translation update] Updated 244 strings in 9 languages (de, es, fi, fr, pl, it, el, sq, zh-tw) [by @sgiehl]
  • #11145 Plugin Filter “third party” shows several plugins with author “piwik” [by @sgiehl]
  • #11278 System tests: enable images generation in scheduled reports [by @mattab]
  • #11362 Fix UIControl memory leak [by @jvilk, @sgiehl]
  • #11455 Add system check for the hash() function [by @okay19, @sgiehl]
  • #11456 Add unifont.ttf to file integrity whitelist [by @okay19, @sgiehl]
  • #11463 Post JavaScript events when performing an action [by @tsteur]
  • #11468 File integrity checker creates too long command lines. [by @sgiehl]
  • #11469 Method description confusing in broadcast.js [by @sgiehl]
  • #11481 Post current action in Template.beforeContent event [by @tsteur]
  • #11482 Add new option to ignore ssl errors when running U tests via PhantomJS [by @tsteur]
  • #11483 New event that lets plugins trigger notifications in the admin area [by @tsteur]
  • #11484 Add possibility to select a specific frame within a page [by @tsteur]
  • #11497 Improve URI check when showing external pages for Overlays [by @sgiehl, @mattab]
  • #11502 Prepend only valid urls to api example links [by @sgiehl, @mattab]
  • #11529 Make it possible to disable Flatten feature for a given report [by @sgiehl, @mattab]
  • #11544 Drop temporary table when no longer needed [by @tsteur, @mattab]
  • #11548 All icons in own repo and included as a submodule [by @mattab, @Findus23]
  • #11533 Release Piwik 3.0.3-b1 [by @mattab]
  • #11551 Release Piwik 3.0.3-b2 [by @mattab]
  • piwik/device-detector
  • #5593 fixed detect Asus zen 2 & go; + add zen 3 model + new brands [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #5594 Add new brand SENSEIT and detect many models [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #5595 Fix Lenovo devices [by @weberdever, @sgiehl]
  • #5596 please add Smartisan mobile device useragent parse [by @sgiehl]
  • #5598 Windows Phone device detected as “Apple Iphone” [by @sgiehl]
  • #5599 Moto G misdetected [by @sgiehl]
  • #5601 Adjust Google-HTTP-Java-Client regex to be compatible with ruby [by @seandilda, @sgiehl]
  • #5602 Fix Chrome OS version detection [by @seandilda, @sgiehl]
  • #5603 add riddler.io [by @voxdemonix, @sgiehl]
  • #5605 update BUbiNG’s producer informations [by @voxdemonix, @sgiehl]
  • piwik/referrer-spam-blacklist
  • #595 added amazon-seo-service.com [by @RMastop, @spmedia]
  • piwik/searchengine-and-social-list
  • #32 Organize list via A-Z + Add Fetlife, Add Instagram, some facebook and reddit domains [by @spmedia, @sgiehl]
  • piwik/piwik-log-analytics
  • #159 Fix nginx acess_log directive [by @paskal, @mattab]
  • #168 Fix NGINX related documentation [by @easybe, @mattab]

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