“Keyword not defined” means the search engine did not pass to your website the keyword used by your visitors — Search engines hide the keyword for privacy reasons. This started in early 2012 but now in 2017 there is now a powerful solution to get back your search keywords reports in Matomo (see below!).

Some search engines may not specify the keyword used to reach your website (for example Google, DuckDuckGo, Firefox latest version now also removes keywords, etc.). Matomo will by default report the search keyword as “Keyword not defined”. It means that Matomo has detected that the visitor came from a search engine, but the keyword was not provided in the Referrer URL. But in 2017 we have developed a new solution which makes it possible to see all your keywords that users used to find you:

–> To access your search Keywords you can now use the Search Engine Keywords Performance plugin created by InnoCraft (the makers of Matomo).

Learn more about how to import your Google, Bing and Yahoo Search keywords into your Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) reports in our Search Keywords Performance user guide.