Improve a crucial part of your website

If your website’s forms are frustrating, your visitors might leave your site and not come back

Some visitors have accessibility barriers. Some folks are on a low bandwidth mobile device. They may lack fluency in the language of your site. Matomo helps you deliver a better User Interface for all of these cases.

Measure many parameters

Form Analytics tracks over 40 metrics. Here are some of them:
* starter rate (visitor saw the form and started filling it out)
* conversion rate (your starter also became a finisher)
* seconds of hesitation
* time per field (to spotlight where user frustration is highest)
* resubmit events (so-called rage clicking)
* real-time reports (last 24 hours, last 30 minutes)
* new segments (the Forms module adds special form-related segments)

These metrics are defined in the Matomo Glossary.

Measure the effect of a redesign, by tracking the data through time.

Set up easily

Form Analytics is included in Matomo Cloud.

Form Analytics plugin is a subscription option from Premium Features in Matomo On Premise.

In both cases, many of your website forms may be automatically detected by their HTML form element tag. But for thorough setup procedures, see the rest of this guide.

Forms data can flow beyond your desktop:
* the Matomo Mobile 2 app will show the data on your phone
* Scheduled Reports will send multi-page reports by email and SMS
* Custom Alerts will trigger when a metric decreases/increases by a trigger amount or a new high or low is reached

Before you set it up, get a feel for Form Analytics right now at our live dashboard. Look for Forms in the left side navigation menu.