We can help you update your Matomo to the latest version

Upgrading Matomo (Piwik) to the latest version is extremely important to ensure that you keep your data safe and secure and that you benefit from all the latest performance improvements and features.

Updating Matomo is usually a relatively straightforward process but not always. You will need to schedule the upgrade and notify your users, upgrade the database to the latest schema, ensure all plugins are compatible with the newest version, verify everything is functioning as expected, ensure that no data being tracked was lost while the migration was running, and more.

Our pricing for Matomo upgrade support

When you use our Cloud-hosted Matomo service, we take care of these upgrades for you. When you use Self-hosted Matomo, we can provide our upgrade support service as a paid service. The pricing depends on how many actions are recorded in your Matomo server every month.

Our pricing packages start at 849 USD (849 EUR) when your Matomo tracks up to 1 million monthly actions; or 2900 USD (2900 EUR) if your Matomo tracks up to 50 million monthly actions. Contact us below for a more detailed quote.

Get in touch for a more detailed quote for an upgrade subscription

We are the creators of Matomo and have years of experience upgrading Matomo servers of all sizes and shapes. We can help you make your Matomo upgrade a success and provide all instructions, best practises and ongoing support. We will reply and provide you with our outstanding service as quickly as possible!

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