We are very excited to bring you Piwik 1.12 today! We have packed a lot in this version, in both new major features, improvements, and bug fixes.

What’s new in Piwik 1.12?

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List of 82 tickets closed in Piwik 1.12:

  • #1700 Propose Page speed reports, Load time analytics
  • #2135 Segmentation: implement UI for adding/editing segments, and switching segments
  • #3612 Better Device detection (mobile, TVs, consoles, etc.): New “DevicesDetection” plugin!
  • #3828 Enable the “Beta release channel” to use the latest Piwik Beta version in one click!
  • #3734 Integrate new MajesticSEO metrics in SEO report
  • #3097 Make Visitor Log load very fast even with hundreds of thousands of visitors, or if a visitor views thousands of pages
  • #3813 Update JQuery & JQueryUI to latest
  • #3771 Automatically reformat all source code in Piwik to follow updated coding standard
  • #3131 New dashboard widget to show real-time visitor count
  • #3895 Update Piwik PHP source code to PSR coding standard
  • #3903 BREAKING API change: some ‘segment’ names have been renamed. Click for list.
  • #3905 BREAKING API change: Live.getLastVisitsDetails parameter and output has slightly changed.
  • #3940 BREAKING API change: Format of data returned in API.getBulkRequest has changed
  • #3933 Segmentation improvement: NOT EQUAL != and DOES NOT CONTAIN !@ should also match the rows with NULL values
  • #3932 Segmentation improvement: Support “IS NULL” and “IS NOT NULL” type queries by leaving value empty
  • #3961 New segment ‘deviceType’ to let you segment visitors by: desktop, smartphone, tablet, feature phone, console, tv, car browser
  • #3904 New segment ‘siteSearchKeyword’ to match visitors who made a particular Site Search request
  • #3786 API MultiSites.getAll: Add option to not remove sites that have no visits
  • #3636 API Add new parameter &pattern= to MultiSites.getAll to allow searching for websites
  • #3637 How to configure destination URL, after user logout of Piwik
  • #3832 LOG ANALYTICS –force-lowercase-path option to log importer script that makes all paths lowercase before importing hits (for IIS logs)
  • #3877 We invite you to upgrade to php 5.3 to enjoy upcoming Piwik 2.0
  • #3906 New API: getSuggestedValuesForSegment to return top suggested values for a particular segment
  • #3913 New Dashboard API to return list of all configured dashboard for a given user
  • #3951 New Tracking API feature: &new_visit=1 lets you create new visits on demand
  • #3953 Piwik Campaign Tracking should detect campaign/keyword parameters in the #hashtag (as well as in the query string)
  • #3927 When visitors are recorded in a random chronological order, Piwik should assign the actions correctly
  • #3697 Improve and/or update ISP names
  • #3352 Add “Asynchronous Module Definition” (AMD) support (piwik.js)
  • #3744 Generate automated API PHP Client Reference at: https://matomo.org/docs/tracking-api/#toc-tracking-api-php-client-reference
  • #3799 Make ImageGraph BackgroundColor / TextColor customizable
  • #3818 Enable Lat / Long via Javascript
  • #3819 JS Tracking client: add appendToTrackingUrl function to let user specify: visitor id,IP,datetime, lat/long, geolocation,etc.
  • #3928 add bitcoin to ecommerce currency list
  • #2987 Bug: including “Last visits graph” and “Overview with graph” widgets at the same time causes one graph not to load
  • #3465 Evolution Graph displays “no data” if last date has no data
  • #3482 Setting ‘archiving_ranking_query_row_limit’ to 0 (no limit) should disable RankingQuery
  • #3663 Data export returns empty CSV in MultiRowEvolution
  • #3805 1.11 – import_logs.py broken parser
  • #3822 Import_Logs.py – MySQL error when trying to import logs out of date sequence
  • #3868 Problem with showColumns for API.get method
  • #3957 window_look_back_for_visitor break js visit length
  • #3781 getUserPreference bug: “defaultReport” preference is “false” by default
  • #3361 Row Evolutions not returning data for Actions.get[Entry|Exit]PageTitles
  • #3570 Row Evolution and Transitions do not work when a report is an iframe Widget
  • #3701 Disabled Transitions Plugin leads to javascript error
  • #3742 Display of browser versions fails when filtering by date range
  • #3806 Variable CoreHome_YouAreUsingTheLatestVersion_js not loaded in settings menu
  • #3814 Piwik UI is tracked as current idSite instead of 1
  • #3817 visit_total_time limit reached in mysql causing warning
  • #3820 improve the proxy-hide-piwik-url how-to
  • #3821 Scheduled Reports broken, because a report is set to never send (period=never)
  • #3823 Regression on IE8: Dashboard bug on IE8: “widgets can’t be created without a uniqueId”
  • #3824 Remove Notice in tracker when a plugin is not found
  • #3826 Socials Widget doesn’t use correct label for Google+
  • #3827 Socials Widget fails to display icons when report is flattened
  • #3833 Archiving custom range is not triggered correctly.
  • #3834 Error with import_logs.py when importing IIS logs
  • #3852 Piwik_Config::setConfigOption is outdated but still used in core/Updates/
  • #3862 Import of this logfile fails
  • #3864 Country Ukraine isn’t counted on visitor map
  • #3869 latest upgrade file permissions incorrect causing server 500
  • #3875 Vertical bar graphs in email reports and mobile : too many labels skipped
  • #3882 regression: Days / Visits to Conversion Reports show wrong table
  • #3884 Report Visits Summary, Weekly report shows last Day’s summary
  • #3887 Evolution ImageGraph is not working for Referers.getAll
  • #3892 Browser Plugins API returns an error in combination with filter_truncate
  • #3894 html MiniBug after piwik update
  • #3896 SMS Reports – site name not visible in SMS object
  • #3897 regression Row Evolution – filter_limit
  • #3907 Automatically remove the adwords &gclid parameter from URLs
  • #3920 Wrong link in Download page
  • #3924 Log Analytics: tracking of http errors codes should be saved as custom variables “page” scope [pr]
  • #3935 User Country Map – Incorrect calculated height of world map in iframe
  • #3954 regression New and edited annotations are URL encoded
  • #3467 Scheduled Reports: rename title to “All Websites” when including only “All Websites”
  • #3574 Row Evolution for Evolution of Social Referers
  • #3766 tooltip with no plugins enabled
  • #3811 Unit tests: Fix Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘%’ in ‘where clause’”
  • #3926 French Translation in autoEmail report > Mensuellement/Quotidiennement/Annuellement
  • #3956 API (3D) pie charts with wrong legend / label.
  • #1267 New Search engine: sogou.com

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