Spotlight: the company behind web hosting [Interview]

Matomo (Piwik) is the result of the work of many talented individuals and companies. Today we’d like to showcase, the awesome web hosting company providing managed hosting for all websites and services.

I recently met and asked a few questions to Cyril, co-founder of and Matomo core developer. Learn more in the interview below!

What is Alwaysdata?

We are a French web hosting company created in 2006. If you need to host a website — a Matomo installation, for example — or even your domains/emails, we provide infrastructure and maintenance services.

Who are your customers and what kind of work do you do?

We have several types of clients:

  • Individuals who need hosting for their personal site and who benefit from storage space with direct SSH access.
  • Web agencies who need hosting for their clients’ sites.
  • The largest customers, often on dedicated servers, for hosting their site/infrastructure.

Our work falls into three categories:

  1. Support (via administration, telephone, Twitter, IRC, etc.)
  2. Development (in Python), primarily to add new features
  3. System administration, either for maintenance (e.g. adding servers), or for preparing new features

What sets Alwaysdata apart from the large web hosting competition?

Two things:

  • Availability. We are a small team and often know our customers quite well. We are all on IRC, so you can contact us directly if you need any assistance.
  • Features. We are halfway between traditional web hosting and the cloud, combining the advantages of both.

Are you using Matomo internally or with customers? If so, how are you using Matomo?

All of our customers can view statistics for their sites via our global Matomo installation, without having to configure anything.

To provide these analytics reports to our customers, we implemented import of the raw access logs in Matomo. The Log import toolkit is now a feature included in Matomo.

What is the next big thing for Alwaysdata?

We are going to upgrade our pricing: instead of fixed costs, each of our clients will now pay exactly what they consume. This allows our clients the benefit of a very high quality service for the lowest possible price.

We are also going to add native support for more technologies: Java, Node.js, ZeroMQ, etc.

Thank you for your time and all the best to Alwaysdata for the future!


Note from Matt, Matomo founder: Cyril and the team at have been consistently great in their system administration work for services, providing a fast and reliable web hosting experience with top notch support and security practises. They also handled the migration of all services from our old servers with total piece of mind.

Alwaysdata contributed to Matomo the popular Log Analytics toolkit. They are great software developers and system administrators with a passion for their work. Since 2006, they have been maintaining optimized hosting services for the entire web infrastructure (websites, domains, emails, databases, etc.), from the simplest to the most exotic. We do recommend their managed hosting services.

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