Most data table reports have a small search bar below the report. Here you can type data and press Enter key to search for this string within the report displayed above. For example, in the “Keywords” report, you can search for nature and it would return all keywords matching nature.

The search field is actually a Regular Expressions. For example, a search for nature|life would match all rows containing nature or life. All search strings containing any of the special characters from this list: . + * ? [ ] $ ( ) { } = ! | must be escaped with a back slash, eg. if you want to search for keywords containing love! you would search for love\!.

Advanced tip: if you want to find all rows in the report that do not include a particular sub-string or in other words: to hide and exclude all rows that match a particlar sub-string such as brand, you would use the following regular expression: ^((?!brand).)*$