We are proud to announce Matomo 3.8.0: a new release of Matomo Analytics. There are a lot of improvements in Security, Performance and Usability and we’re proud to share with you our best Matomo release ever.

What’s new?

Improving security of Matomo has been a focus for us in this release. For example: any IP address attempting to login to Matomo will be blocked after a number of unsuccessful login attempts (to keep away any bots and automated tools trying to guess your passwords). You can additionally keep your Matomo account safer by enabling the new Two Factor Authentication (2FA) feature. Also when changing password or email address, any user will be required to enter their old password. We’ve also fixed several XSS thanks to security researchers who reported issues as part of our Bug Bounty program.

We’ve also made several usability improvements. Up to now it wasn’t easy to get the evolution graphs to display a different period. Now under Evolution graphs, you will find a new icon “Change Periods” which lets you switch the period being displayed in just one click!

Also, under each report table, you will also find a new feature called “Show Totals Row”. When clicked, a new row will be displayed at the bottom of the table named “Totals”. This row shows the sum of each column values. This is useful when you’re analysing your data and need to know the total value of a given metric.

It’s never been easier to check out your Transitions report: they are now directly available under Behavior > Transitions.

You can also now generate Campaign Tracking URLs by using the Campaign URL Generator directly from Matomo! Go to Matomo > Acquisition > Campaign URL Builder to get started. (The tool has always been available on Matomo.org but is now directly available in your Matomo).

Users with the “Admin” permission can now share dashboards with other users (it used to be only Super Users who could share dashboards).

A new page is available to Super Users in Matomo > Administration > Diagnostics > Tracking Failures. This page lists any tracking failures that happened during the last 2 days. Please note that only the most common kind of tracking failures are recorded (for example, an un-used Site ID is found in the Tracking code).

Regarding the JavaScript Tracking: While the piwik.js and piwik.php file still exist (and will always work), we’re also introducing the new matomo.js and matomo.php files and they will be used by default now. And if you’re tracking mobile apps, we’ve released new Major versions of both the iOS and Android SDKs!

As always, new smartphone, tablets and other devices and browsers are detected, as well as new Search engines and social networks.

And the Tag Manager keeps getting better with several improvements and fixes over the last few weeks.

207 tickets have been closed by more than 20 contributors!

After You Update

  • Use the forums if you have any question or feedback (free support),
    or contact the Business Support Team to make the most of your Matomo Analytics and get professional support (paid support).
  • Please help us spread the word about Matomo! Maybe you can write about the project on your blog, website, twitter, talk about Matomo Analytics at conferences, or let your friends and colleagues know what is Matomo. Already 1,000,000+ websites have liberated their web analytics, and with your help we can grow the community!
  • To improve Matomo in your language consider contributing to translations.
  • Support our efforts by donating to the project.

Security release

This release is rated critical.

Several XSS issues have been responsibly reported and fixed in this release. Our security bug bounty program (also on Hackerone) welcomes & rewards researchers who discover and responsibly report to us any security issues found in Matomo or any of the plugins created by Matomo/InnoCraft.

Database upgrade

This release does not contain any major database upgrade.

Platform Changes

Matomo is an open analytics platform. In an effort to help Matomo developers learn about improvements and changes in the core APIs, we document the changes since the last release.

In this 3.8.0 release there are breaking API changes, New APIs, New Features, Internal changes and deprecations. Read more in Platform Changelog for Developers to see all changes to the platform and APIs.

Note: the Marketplace showcases more than 83 plugins already compatible with Matomo 3 and this is just the beginning. Matomo is your universal data analytics platform!

New and updated SDKs (Tracking API Clients)

The Matomo team offers official SDKs (Tracking API Clients) for measuring your mobile apps and any other kind of apps. Both the iOS and Android SDKs have seen a major new release in December:

Congratulations to the SDK maintainers and contributors for these great releases!

New and updated guides and FAQs



New plugins

By the Matomo team and InnoCraft:

By third party developers:

Need help upgrading Matomo?

Read the Updating Matomo user guide or for more help contact the Matomo experts.

List of 207 tickets closed in Matomo 3.8.0

We are together creating the best open analytics platform in the world. You can help make Matomo even more awesome by getting involved in Matomo!