What can I use Matomo for?

Web Analytics

Web analytics

Whether your site has a few visits per day or many millions, Matomo helps you gather and analyze important information about your users. Track Key Performance Indicators such as visits, goal conversion rates, downloads, keywords, and many more. Expand Matomo functionality by adding new plugins from the Matomo Marketplace.
Ecommerce Analytics

Ecommerce Analytics

Integrate Matomo with your ecommerce software in order to analyze revenue, orders, conversion rates, average order values, and detailed product statistics. See which products are the most popular and the highest conversion rates. With Matomo, you can view in real time the detailed Ecommerce log, showing all visits that have made a purchase on your website, including those visitors who have abandoned their shopping cart with products left in them. See how to set up eCommerce tracking
Server Log Analytics

Server Log Analytics

Use Matomo to make sense of your web server log data. All web servers generate access log files which contain all of the requests made to the server. You can import and analyse your web server logs using Matomo! In the same dashboard you will be able to analyze visit details, including IP address, URL, user agent, referrer URL, search keywords, campaign information and more. If you’re running a hosting company, you can even provide your customers with a modern and powerful analytics tool using Matomo. See how to set up Log Analytics
Intranet analytics

Intranet Analytics

Intranet websites hosted on an internal network generally have important security and privacy requirements, as is the case with governments, enterprise portals or universities intranets. They often require that the statistics software be hosted within the company’s or institution’s own infrastructure. Now there’s a better solution – Matomo is the ideal choice for intranet analytics. Read more about Intranet Analytics

Why choose Matomo?

Free software

Matomo is and always will be a free and open source software with transparent GPL license.

100% data ownership

You are the owner of the data you collect and nobody else.

Fully privacy compliant

Matomo supports the highest user privacy requirements.

User-centric insights

Detailed 360 degree view of each user action on your website or mobile app.

Customisable and extensible

Extend and customize it based on supported API’s and detailed documentation.

No data storage limits

It’s totally up to you how much data you store and for how long.


Matomo prides itself on continually innovating and improving the analytics experience for users. Please read below for an introductory tour to some of the ever-expanding features Matomo offers. Otherwise, you can access the complete list of features in Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics).

Profile your audience

Full insight on your users and their engagement on your site.

Standard visitor metrics and annotations

All the standard reports you would expect from a state of the art analytics package. Make notes on the charts to describe and remember all the key events of your site’s history. Read more

Customizable dashboard

Most important information you truly care about all in one place. Read more

Real time data

View details about your visitors in real time as they enter your website. Read more

History explorer

View historical values of almost any metrics relevant to your website or app, and compare several dimensions at once. Read more


Find out where your visitors come from, in particular their country, region and city. All your visitors are displayed on the live interactive map. Read more

Websites that use Matomo

Big and small companies all over the world have already liberated their web analytics with Matomo (Piwik).

Discover your users’ journey

Learn about your users’ behavior – where they come from, what they are doing and where they are going.

Plus many more features to give you further insights.

Referrers analysis

Analyze traffic by its source – be it websites, search engines and keywords, social networks or campaigns.

Page overlay

Observe the effectiveness of links within the context of the webpage.

Monitoring of downloaded files

Matomo automatically tracks your file downloads (70+ popular filetypes supported).


See which links to external domains were clicked by your visitors most often.

404 pages

See which URLs are leading to 404 error page and repair broken links easier.

The feature we use the most in Matomo is the Email and SMS Reports which automatically keeps our clients up to date on their Key Performance Indicators such as: Visits, Keywords and Goals Conversions Rates and Revenue. John Brett

Measure your goals and increase conversions

Monitoring for your online campaigns and your sales.

Analytics for Ecommerce

Track orders, cart updates, product views and many more on the specific tab dedicated to Ecommerce.

Campaign tracking

Analyse your marketing campaigns to see how effective they are and how much revenue they generate.

Wide range of traffic sources supported

You can track campaigns like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, display ads, Tweets, affiliate links and links in newsletters to mention just a few.

Goal conversion tracking

You can set specific goals of what you want users to achieve on your website. Measure almost anything and check whether your business objectives are met.

Scheduled email reports

Keep your colleagues or customers up-to-date by sending them regular email reports with the information they need.

Easy integration

Magento, PrestaShop, osCommerce – these are just a few Ecommerce Platforms that Matomo can easily integrate with.

Matomo values


  • Use plugins to extend the power of Matomo
  • Tailor the look & feel (white labeling)
  • Embed any report on websites, apps or e-mails
  • Get full access to your data by flexible web API


  • Established piece of software (6+ years)
  • Ready for high-traffic websites (1,000,000+ pageviews)
  • Actively supported by core developers and community
  • Premium support is available if you need it


  • Regular external security reviews
  • Bug Bounty Program to help identify security gaps
  • Regular automatic tests
  • Constantly updated software

Respecting privacy

  • No spying
  • No privacy violation
  • No data gathering for marketing purposes
  • You are in control of everything

Matomo Mobile App

Need your analytics on the go? Install Matomo Mobile application for iOS or Android to access your data from anywhere. Keep your finger on the pulse to easily spot any potential situations or use Matomo Mobile in work meetings to support your ideas with real data. Read more

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