The GDPR is a EU regulation that protects the privacy of all individuals within the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), also known as DSGVO in German, and RGPD in French, is a regulation that applies to companies, non-profit organisations, and public entities worldwide to strengthen data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU).

Learn how Matomo Analytics can help you be compliant with the GDPR.

"Collecting data from one’s visitors is very useful, and it is possible to do so despite the GDPR, including via Matomo, the solution we have chosen. It incorporates the right to be forgotten – meaning a user wants a website to delete all the data it has collected about him or her – and the ability to choose not to be tracked at all when visiting a site. That is why we have chosen Matomo. High security, high flexibility, and we know exactly who is looking at the data collected." Read more

Mikke Schiren - The Digitalist

How is Matomo Analytics GDPR compliant?

Matomo can be configured to automatically anonymise data so you don’t process any personal data. This allows you to completely avoid GDPR. If you decide to process personal data, Matomo provides you with various features to easily comply with the GDPR guidelines.

Matomo GDPR features

Right of access allows your visitors to get access to their personal data.

Right to data portability provides your visitors with their personal data in a machine-readable format.

Right to erasure respects the privacy of your visitors by deleting their personal data.

Right to withdraw consent allows your visitors to withdraw their consent at any time.

Right to object lets your visitors easily opt-out from tracking.

Anonymising features is a one-click feature to anonymise personal data such as IP address, location, and more.

Supports “Do Not Track” Matomo optionally applies the privacy settings defined by browsers.

Delete historical data automatically deletes historical data from your database.

Anonymise historical data keeps your historical data by anonymising it.

Matomo GDPR services

We offer solutions and services to help you create a Matomo configuration that’s ready for GDPR compliance. As the world leaders when it comes to privacy and customer data, we are looking forward to providing support for our analytics platform to help you achieve GDPR compliance easily.

GDPR Resources

Learn more about all the features in our GDPR user guide and privacy user guide.

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