A hit can be either a tracked page view, an event tracking, a download, an outlink, an onsite search or a content tracking request.

Know how many page views your website is getting?

On average users track around 10-20% hits per page view. So if you track 100 page views, you would be tracking approx. 110 to 120 hits.

Know how many visits your website is getting?

On average our users track around 3 hits per visit. So if you track 100 visits, you would be tracking approx. 300 hits.

If you are using features like event tracking, then the number of hits will be typically higher.

Using Matomo?

In Matomo you can create a hits report in Custom Reports.

  1. Create a new custom report
  2. Set the dimension as Website Name
  3. Set a metric as Hits.

You could then set the date picker for the range you would like. This would produce a report for the hits of the selected site.

In Matomo Cloud there is a hits total for your billing period on your billing page at ⚙️ > Account > Billing.

Using Google Analytics?

If you are using Google Analytics and interested in migrating to Matomo, you may want to know how many Hits per year are tracked in Google Analytics.

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