There are several ways to know which version of Matomo (Piwik) you are using:

  • In the top right menu, click on “Help” icon. The title of the Help will say “About Matomo X.Y.Z” (X.Y.Z being the Matomo version).
  • or in the top right menu, click on “Administration”, then click on “API” in left menu. Scroll down to the API.getPiwikVersion and click on the Example link to view your Matomo version.
  • or look in the file core/Version.php: you can download this file from your FTP server, inside this file will be the version number you are currently using.

If you’re using Matomo for WordPress

You can find the “Matomo version” under Diagnostics: find the system report in Matomo for WordPress.

Latest version of Matomo

If you want to know which version is currently the most up to date version of Matomo, click here.