You can find the Matomo System Report by logging in to your WordPress Admin dashboard and clicking in the left menu on “Matomo Analytics => Diagnostics” (older versions have a menu item “Matomo Analytics => System Report”). If the plugin doesn’t even install or load, please see further below on how to get the system report to work.

On the system report page you find a button “Copy system report” at the very top. Simply click the button to copy all its content to your clipboard. The copied system report will have your URL and server paths automatically anonymised.

Now that it’s in your clipboard, you can simple paste the system report in an email or in a Github issue (right click and select “paste” in the context menu).

If the plugin doesn’t even install

If the plugin installation fails, please update your wp-config.php file and add the following line:

define( 'MATOMO_SAFE_MODE', true );

Once added, the Matomo System report should show up in the menu and you can follow the steps above. Once you copied the system report, you might want to remove the line again from your wp-config.php file and temporarily deactivate the plugin until you get further instructions from us. If you haven’t done yet, please create an issue and let us know about your problem.

If you don’t know how to find or edit your wp-config.php, we recommend asking your hoster or your system administrator for more information. There are also various tutorials available by searching for “How to edit wp-config.php” in your favourite search engine. You might also want to include the name of your hoster or control panel like How to edit wp-config.php in cpanel”.