Matomo (Piwik) can track visits on your intranet website as long as Matomo itself can be accessed by people in your intranet network. To make sure that all unique visitors are tracked correctly in your intranet, there are two choices:

1) Instead of creating a “Website” in Matomo, create an “Intranet” website. Go to Administration > Measurables > Manage, and click “Add a new measurable”, and select “Intranet Website”. (if you are not seeing the ‘Intranet’ option, please make sure you use at least Matomo 3.6.1 and that the plugin ‘IntranetMeasurable’ is activated).

2) Or you may also use the ‘User ID’ feature to assign your users with a unique persistent User ID string. This will make sure your users are tracked accurately across all devices. Learn more in User ID guide.

3) If you use SharePoint for your intranet, check out our SharePoint Analytics product.

If you have already created a website in Matomo and want to convert it to an Intranet website, you can make your website an intranet by running the following query:

UPDATE `site` SET type = 'intranet' WHERE idsite = XYZ

(Replace XYZ by the website ID you want to change to an Intranet).