Matomo On-Premise

  • Log in to your Matomo as a super user
  • Click on the cog icon in the top right to get to the administration area
  • The system summary widget should show you the installed Matomo version

Matomo for WordPress

This applies if you are using our WordPress plugin to host your Matomo. It does not apply if you are only using the WP-Matomo WordPress integration.

  • Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard as an admin
  • In the left menu click on “Plugins => Installed Plugins”
  • Locate the row that is showing the Matomo plugin
  • You should see the version number in the middle

Please note that Matomo for WordPress 1.X includes Matomo On-Premise 3.X while all future versions of the plugin the major version number matches the Matomo On-Premise version number. Meaning Matomo for WordPress 4.X include Matomo On-Premise 4.X.

More details

You can also find the detailed version numbers in the Matomo System Report. It will show you exactly which version number of Matomo for WordPress and Matomo On-Premise is being used.

Matomo Cloud

Matomo Cloud users are usually on the latest available Matomo version. Unsure if you are using Matomo Cloud? This usually applies if the login URL to your Matomo contains or

Latest version of Matomo

If you want to know which version is currently the most up to date version of Matomo, click here.

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