We are proud to announce Matomo 3.14.1: a new minor release of Matomo Analytics.

What’s new?

This release addresses a few minor issues. A potential BC break in the PHP Tracker client was fixed. The most notable bug fixes are related to the automatic updater, where automatically updating plugins during a core update was not working in some cases.

Many new devices and bots are now detected, and new referrer spammers were listed in the block list.

We are grateful for all community members who reported feedback and suggestions, our awesome team of translators for their work and all customers for their support. 44 tickets have been closed by more than 11 contributors!

After You Update

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  • Use the forums if you have any question or feedback (free support),
    or purchase a Support Plan to get professional support and guidance.
  • To improve Matomo in your language consider contributing to translations.
  • You can also support our efforts by purchasing valuable Premium Features for Matomo or try our Matomo Cloud solution.

Database upgrade

This release does not contain any major database upgrade.

New and updated SDKs (Tracking API Clients)

The Matomo team offers official SDKs (Tracking API Clients) for measuring your mobile apps and any other kind of apps.

New and updated guides and FAQs


New Plugins on the marketplace

By third party developers:

List of 44 tickets closed in Matomo 3.14.1

  • #16223 piwik-php-tracker missed after update
  • #16382 Urgent update to Danish translation [by @atjn, @tsteur]
  • #16210 Allow plugins to configure custom user preferences [by @tsteur]
  • #16291 Official PHP Reporting Client, or at least link those that already exist
  • #16295 Number formatting may be wrong when eg German language is used [by @tsteur]
  • #16322 Fix plugins might not be updated when updating core [by @tsteur, @diosmosis]
  • matomo-org/matomo-php-tracker
  • #61 Tracker does not set samesite cookie [by @sgiehl]
  • #73 Make it possible to configure cookie options for Secure, HTTPOnly and SameSite [by @sgiehl, @tsteur]
  • matomo-org/matomo-log-analytics
  • #273 When input is stdin (‘-‘), import_logs.py doesn’t work [by @sgiehl]
  • #274 always disable queued tracking when sending requests from log import [by @sgiehl, @tsteur]
  • matomo-org/tag-manager
  • #252 Improve detection of preview release if it wasn’t detected previously somehow [by @tsteur]
  • matomo-org/matomo-package
  • #112 Ship Matomo with Provider and Custom Variables plugin [by @tsteur]
  • matomo-org/device-detector
  • #5389 Iceweasel should be tracked as Firefox [by @sgiehl]
  • #5713 WebOS regex is incorrect. [by @sgiehl]
  • #6075 Fixed version truncation so one client doesn’t affect the others [by @Spikes042, @sgiehl]
  • #6292 Adds detection for multiple notebooks [by @liviuconcioiu, @sgiehl]
  • #6321 add sistrix crawler [by @sgiehl]
  • #6324 Detect new brand: 360, Owwo, TD Systems; Detect old devices model for brands: AllDocube, Coolpad, Huawei, Vivo, Mecool, Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Kyocera, Fujitsu, LG, ZTE, NEC, Freetel, OPPO, Realme, Philips, Hoffmann, GOME, Ginzzu, Alcatel, EVOLVEO, Bravis, Condor, Casper, Hisense, Videocon, Walton, IMO, Yu, Own, YEZZ, Nvidia, Medion, BQ, Impression, Ulefon, Aligator; [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6325 Detect new browser Yaani Browser [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6327 Detect new browser: Blue Browser [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6332 Detect new brand: Soundmax; Detect old devices model for brand Samsung; [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6333 Detect new brand: Tone, AT&T, BIHEE, Ravoz and Detect old devices model for brands: Realme, Positivo BGH, Blackview , Wiko, Alcatel, Multilaser, Samsung, How, LG, Kyocera, Huawei, Oppo, HTC, Sony, Sharp, Google, Panasonic, ZTE, Coolpad [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6335 Logicom Le Hola FR not detected as smartphone, but detected as hola! browser [by @sanchezzzhak]
  • #6336 Fix detect browser: hola! Browser and detect brand Logicom model: Le Hola FR [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6337 Update README.md [by @github-actions[bot], @sgiehl]
  • #6338 Adds detection for client DingTalk [by @coooold, @sgiehl]
  • #6342 Detect new brands: Enot, Kooper, Anry, Tinai and detect devices for existing brands: Thomson, Denver, Highscreen, Oppo, O+, Highsense, Lenovo, Cheery Mobile, Unimax and OnePlus [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6345 Support for Seobility [by @sanchezzzhak]
  • #6346 Detect notebook devices in Facebook useragents [by @sgiehl]
  • #6347 Detect new brands: Minix, Winds, Asano, MyTab, Phonemax and detect new bot Seobility and Detect devices for existing brands: Asus, Aligator, BQ, Bravis, Ergo, HTC, Polaroid, Highscreen, Ulefone, Doodgee and Pixus [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6348 Added ReactorNetty library [by @wallin, @sgiehl]
  • #6352 improved statistics.php report output [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6354 Detect new brands: Eltex, Neomi, Lumigon, OzoneHD, Kzen, Melrose, Crony, Takara, Amigoo and Detect devices for existing brands: Tecno, Coolpad, Sharp, Sony, Alcatel, BQ, ZTE, Kyocera, Condor, Santin, Own, RugGear, Oukitel, Elephone, Vestel, Oysters, MTC, Umax, Echo mobiles, Beeline, Inoi, Wexler, Asus, Samsung, Bitmore, Ulefone, Krüger&Matz, Nobby, Highscreen, Xiaomi, Leagoo, Starway, 4Good, MLS, Digma, Irbis, LG, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Advan, Google, Turbo, Ainol, Archos, Prestigio, Aligator, Yezz and Detect app: U-Cursos [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6357 Detect new brands: Klipad, Tele2, Alfawise, Senkatel, Bobarry, BB mobile, E2, Wortmann, Billion and Detect devices for existing brands: Teclast, Alcatel, Assistant, Ace, Ergo, DEXP, Aiwa, Irbis, Datsun, Overmax, Logicom, Ravoz, Asus, Blu, Cube, Onda, Oysters, Zidoo, ZTE, Digma, DNS, Sugar, Philips, Ulefone, Fly, Hisense, MicroMax, Brondi, Telefunken, Vivax, Yu, Zidoo, Majestic, Leotec [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6358 Detect Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G [by @pongee, @sgiehl]
  • #6360 Detect mobile app HeyTabBrowser [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • #6363 Detect devices for existing brands: Samsung, Sony, Phonemax, Casper, DEXP, Nomi, Essentielb, Acer, Digma, Tele2, Oukitel, Kyocera, Sharp [by @sanchezzzhak, @sgiehl]
  • matomo-org/referrer-spam-list
  • #1225 Update new repository name referrer-spam-list [by @tsteur]
  • #1229 Add foojo.net to spammers list [by @Wingo5315, @spmedia]
  • #1230 Added phimmakinhdi.com [by @timscha, @spmedia]
  • #1231 Add suzanneboswell.top [by @Wingo5315, @spmedia]
  • #1232 Add briankatrine.top [by @Wingo5315, @spmedia]
  • #1233 Added more spammers [by @AaronVanGeffen, @spmedia]
  • #1234 Add shcrose.com [by @Wingo5315, @spmedia]

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