New Matomo Release v1.8.4: Features Overview (w/ Screenshots)


We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Matomo (Piwik) 1.8.4 after one month of development.

Matomo 1.8.4 consists of one big optimization, a couple of usability improvements and 12 bug fixes and small improvements.


We’ve implemented an optimization in a core algorithm that will drastically reduce the amount of memory Matomo uses, especially for medium to high traffic websites.

If you monitor a website that gets a lot of traffic, this change will make managing Matomo much easier. In our tests memory use dropped by almost 50% and we also noticed a 40% decrease in the time it took to generate reports.

Usability Improvements

See your website’s abandoned carts in the e-commerce log.

In previous versions of Matomo, when viewing your website’s e-commerce log, you could only see what your visitors ordered. But many people start shopping without ever ordering. In this release of Matomo you will be able to see stats related to abandoned carts in the e-commerce log.

A more intuitive way to reset your password when you lose it.

Losing your password is always a pain and going through the process of reseting it can make you really feel that pain. We noticed that Matomo’s password reset process was not as user friendly as it could be, so we improved it. It now takes two steps to reset your password, instead of four, and it’s still just as secure.

See the total visit evolution for all of your websites.

If you use Matomo with multiple websites, you can view and compare statistics for different websites in one place, on the All Websites dashboard. You can also use this dashboard to see the total number of visits all of your websites received. Now in 1.8.4, you can also see how this total changed in the last day, week, month or year.

Prettier icons and better looking graphs.

Finally, we’ve made some improvements to the way Matomo looks by adding better looking country flag icons and improving the graph images that are created by Matomo.

The new graph images aren’t perfect and may be a bit buggy, but if you want to see them in your e-mail reports, then:

  • In the Display Options portion of your report’s settings select a report type that displays all graphs,
  • and make sure to check the ‘Show Historical Graphs for the top 5 values’ setting.

What we’re working on

We’re working on some amazing features for the next release, including:

  • Transitions
    We’re currently working on a way to visualize exactly how each of your visitors browse your website. The new Transitions plugin will display the pages your visitors visit before and after they visit a certain page. The plugin will show this information for each of your website’s pages.
  • Site Search
    Many people find the content they need, not through search engines, but through an internal website search. Tracking this data can provide invaluable insights, which is why we’re working on adding this functionality to Matomo. You’ll be able to see what you’re visitors are searching for, which search keywords resulted in no results and how many visits initiated a search.
  • GeoIP
    Matomo currently shows you where your visitors are located, but it will only display the country and continent of your visitors’ location. Soon we’ll be able to show you the number of visits your website gets from different regions and cities.
  • More optimizations for high traffic installs.
    We’ve already implemented one optimization to this end, but there’s a lot more we can do. We’ll be putting these optimizations in place over the next month to make Matomo more efficient, both in terms of memory use and speed.


For the full list of changes in Matomo 1.8.4 check out the Changelog.

Thank you to the core developers, all the beta testers and users, our official supporters, the translators & everyone who reported bugs or feature requests.

Stay tuned, we’ll have many new changes to show you in our next release. And please consider supporting or even participating in the project ? and thank you for writing about Matomo on your blog or website, we really appreciate it?

Happy Analytics using Matomo 1.8.4!

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No credit card required.

Free forever.