Welcome to the latest Piwik 1.8.4, most stable, most secure, and fastest Piwik release to date.

What’s new in Piwik 1.8.4?

In short: bug fixes, Piwik requires significantly less memory on medium to large websites, and other new features and usability improvements. View more information and screenshots in the 1.8.4 blog post.

NOTICE: This new version contains major database schema changes, so please be careful when running the Update script. On large Piwik setups (if your Piwik database is 100Mb size or more), make sure to run the Update Script from the Shell!

After You Update

  • Please use the forums for free support.
  • After the update, if you get a white page or the CSS is not working (Piwik appears black and white), see this FAQ.
  • We really appreciate if you can spread the word about Piwik on your twitter, blog, website, to your friends, at conferences, etc.
    Already 300,000 websites have liberated their web analytics but this is just the beginning. Thank you for your support!

New & Updated pages

List of 23 tickets closed in Piwik 1.8.4

  • #2976 Improve storage of URLs, normalization at DB Level
  • #3334 Revamped “I forgot my password” screen for a simple and usable solution
  • #2708 Send reports via SMS
  • #2742 Metadata API: Support sub tables calls
  • #3184 Several Usability improvements and tweaks
  • #3216 Update Flag icons (attached)
  • #3177 QA: Add benchmarking system to test speed of different parts of Piwik in different situations
  • #3290 Setup VisualPHPUnit to run new PHPUnit tests in browser
  • #3338 Task: usability text changes in very visible Piwik UI texts and labels
  • #2704 Graphs should support Unicode characters & other improvements
  • #3300 New API parameter: hideColumns= to specify a list of columns not to return
  • #3327 Add show_related_reports request parameter to disable them in widgets
  • #3333 Add BlackBerry 10 User Agent String
  • #3368 Ecommerce: display abandoned carts when there are carts but no order yet
  • #3322 Cannot generate PDF reports on 1.8.3 (Imagick)
  • #3328 Error when creating new dashboard
  • #3339 File tmp/tempates_c/.htaccess is updated on each piwik load
  • #3346 division by zero error in import_logs.py when monitor thread runs immediately after start time is recorded
  • #3354 Scheduled reports not sent in old PHP versions <5.2
  • #3355 Email Reports “All websites” includes other users sites
  • #3356 SMS reports not working on php 5.2.x
  • #3372 Avoid scheduled task error: Piwik_PDFReports The email doesn’t have a valid format.
  • #2905 rekonq browser misrecognized as safari