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Matomo is open source and self-hosted. It's easy to setup, manage, and implement tracking. It includes many of the advanced features you'd expect in an analytics platform. The best part is that you're in control of your data and privacy.

If you've used Google Analytics (who hasn't at this point) the process for integrating Matomo into your site and getting reports will seem very familiar. That makes it easy to move off of GA. Since you are hosting the backend, you control who has access to the data and no third party can use it.

We use Matomo Analytics at our organization and we also implement it on customers' sites. Matomo gives us the visibility of the accesses we have, and also solves the problems we have against using other solutions that may take away our privacy and the privacy of those who visit our websites.

Easy to use, user friendly user interface, secure and strong.

Customer stories

"One of our first choices was Matomo."

For Pimcore, open-source values were a driving factor when it came to choosing the perfect analytics platform for them.

MetaLocator recommends Matomo

"We absolutely love Matomo."

Metalocator needed a platform that provided unparalleled extendibility for endless customisations. In addition it was important to find a tool that gave 100% data ownership, had no data limits and was respectful of privacy.

Customer testimonials

"With Matomo we’ve got the balance right."

"With Matomo we’ve got the balance right. Forresters is predicting this to be the year business begins to make data security and privacy an important competitive advantage. The international business advisory firm says that in the battle to win and retain customers, data security and privacy will become a top business technology priority. We think the same lesson applies to government agencies because people will have similar levels of privacy expectations across both the private and public sectors."

"We selected Matomo as a replacement for GA."

"Given our tradition in libraries to protect reader privacy, a compelling argument can be made that Google Analytics is inappropriate for libraries. After a review of alternatives to GA following Edward Snowden's revelations, we selected Matomo as a replacement for GA. Matomo is a free, open source, and most importantly, supports local data collection."

"We haven't regretted our decision for Matomo Analytics a single day."

"We haven't regretted our decision for Matomo Analytics a single day. It's by far one of the most valuable and absolutely indispensable tools in our toolset, and helps us not only to measure and compare the performance of the features and actual contents of our 10+ websites, but also to make informed decisions about where to go next, thus boosting the overall advancement and progress of our projects. Plus, it's fun to use!"

"Having full control of our Matomo data is critical"

"No matter whether we are working with granular or big-picture data, we always have confidence that we are making user-benefited decisions based on a complete data set. And having full control of our Matomo data is critical - we get to choose exactly how it's stored, managed and deleted."

"Preserving total control of the data"

"As one of the leading secure and private email solutions attaches the utmost importance to security and respect for privacy. We therefore selected Matomo as our open source digital analytics platform, in order to track traffic on our commercial site while preserving total control of the data and fully respect the privacy of our users."

"Matomo is a treasure trove of information."

"Matomo is a treasure trove of information. For those that like to delve into the analytics, this is your tool. On top of the usual analytics, Matomo also includes the option for heat mapping so you can see where your users are looking on individual pages and then use that information to increase sales and conversions. The team at Matomo have also been very helpful in setting up the tool and providing support whenever it was needed."

"Matomo is such a flexible system"

"At Coventry University, research is integral to the corporate plan and we produce research which reflects our commitment to Excellence with Impact. The project website is one of the important ways to generate or deliver the impact to the society. Hence, we have implemented the Matomo platform to help our researchers have a better understanding of their audience. Matomo is such a flexible system, instead of passively receiving web traffic reports, researchers at Coventry are proactively using plugins like A/B Testing to improve the number of times their websites get visited. Moreover, by using the APIs provided by Matomo, they even integrate it with their own system to generate integrating outputs in the behavioural science research. From the IT perspective, Matomo is easy to deploy and maintain, and more importantly, as a self-hosted solution we have the full control of the data."

"Matomo is a no-brainer. I love it."

"If you have a lot of traffic, and the dev chops to host a package like this, Matomo is a no-brainer. I love it."

"This tool without a doubt, is a serious contender of Google Analytics"

"This tool (Matomo) without a doubt, is a serious contender of Google Analytics and serious threat to GA Premium. My primary reason to use Matomo is to get the unsampled data, though it provides many other benefits over GA like full ownership of the analytics data. If your website gets lots of traffic and you can't afford an enterprise level tool like GA premium then Matomo is your best choice. I would even go ahead and say, why spend $150K a year (even if you can afford to) on GA premium, if there are better cheaper alternatives available."

"High security, high flexibility"

"Collecting data from one’s visitors is very useful, and it is possible to do so despite the GDPR, including via Matomo, the solution we have chosen. It incorporates the right to be forgotten – meaning a user wants a website to delete all the data it has collected about him or her – and the ability to choose not to be tracked at all when visiting a site. That is why we have chosen Matomo. High security, high flexibility, and we know exactly who is looking at the data collected."

"Matomo is widely used within our organisation."

"In the past 12 months we have really benefited from (both basic and premium bundle) reports such as: form statistics (for in depth data about the use of our registration form), media stats (for detailed video statistics), downloads data, external link clicks, local searches, campaign urls and much more. Matomo is widely used within our organisation. Not only for marketing goals, but also for improving our editorial content, to track and eliminate obstacles in our UX, and to track the effects of every new release of our platform."

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