New Matomo Release v1.8.3: Features Overview (w/ Screenshots)


We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Matomo (Piwik) 1.8.3 after weeks of development.

This release of Matomo consists primarily of bug fixes (with a total of 27 fixed bugs), but we’ve managed to sneak in some usability improvements, optimizations and even two new features. Check ’em out:

New Features

Get reports by text message!

Using the SMS plugin and the 3rd party SMS delivery service Clockwork you can now receive reports as text messages. View reports for one or all of your websites on your mobile!

To enjoy this new feature, enable the plugin “MobileMessaging” in Matomo > Settings > Plugins.

Visits by Day of the Week

New Report: Visits by Day of the Week

This new report will show you analytics data for each day of the week. See how many visits you get on Weekends vs. how many you get on Weekdays, which days you can expect more conversions, and more.


Log Analytics Before
Log Analytics After

A faster log importer.

We’ve added the ability to track many visits at once and used it in the log import script to make it over 10X faster. And in the future, we’ll be using this ability in other places, such as the iOS and Android mobile apps, to make them even faster.

After database optimization.

A new scheduled task that may drastically reduce the size of your Matomo database.

We’ve created a new scheduled task that will delete extraneous data created during failed archiving attempts. As shown in the images above (from the DBStats plugin), we used it on the Matomo demo and managed to save over 2 gigabytes of space.

Usability Improvements

Time on page in the real time visitors widget

The real-time visitors widget & visitor log now shows the amount of time each visitor spends viewing a specific page.

You can now see the how much time each of your visitors spent on a page as they visit your website, or take a look into the past and see how much time each one of your past visitors spent on a page.

New dashboard layouts.

Better dashboard layouts.

We’ve adjusted the available dashboard column sizes to provide you with better looking dashboards.

Dashboard Widget - Refresh Button

A ‘refresh’ button for dashboard widgets.

There is now a button on every widget that allows you to reload the widget and the data it’s displaying.

Website selector

A better way to pick websites when managing Matomo’s settings.

Now, when changing website analytics access or setting the dashboard that loads by default you can select websites by name, which will make things much easier if you’re tracking dozens or hundreds of websites.

A nicer period selector.

We’ve also implemented some changes to the period selector that will hopefully make changing dates and periods easier. You can now change the period and date without having to reload the page, switch back and forth between range and non-range periods, and see exactly which dates are in the period you are about to select.


For the full list of changes in Matomo 1.8.3 check out the Changelog.

Thank you to the core developers, all the beta testers and users, our official supporters, the translators & everyone who reported bugs or feature requests.

Stay tuned, we’ll have many new changes to show you in our next release. And please consider supporting or even participating in the project ? and thank you for writing about Matomo on your blog or website, we really appreciate it…

Happy Analytics using Matomo 1.8.3!

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No credit card required.

Free forever.