As most Matomo reports are not updated in real time, your metrics will not be reflected immediately after an impression or interaction. This can pose a challenge when you want to test a new content tracking configuration. One intermediate step you can take is to check that the content tracking variables are picked up with the correct values by your browser.

You can do this by visiting a page with content tracking enabled on your website, opening your browser console and running the following command:


This will load an array containing details of any Content Blocks on the loaded page. You can expand these to check that they contain the correct information.

Content Tracking Console Log

However, to ensure that everything is being tracked appropriately, you should still aim to view and interact with the content on your website once it has been configured, so that you can confirm that data is added to your reports. Once you have interacted with your content, you will need to wait at least 15 minutes to six hours for your Content Tracking reports to update depending on your site configuration. In the meantime, you can check your Visits Log which can be found within the visitors section of Matomo. You will be able to review any content impressions and interactions associated with your visit here.

Content Tracking Visit Log

Alternatively, if you are using one of the Matomo On-Premise versions you can force an update (instructions here) of all your reports. Either way, once your reports have updated, you can head to the section of Matomo containing your Content Tracking reports to check as described in the section below.