By default, Matomo (Piwik) reports are in real time (learn more in the user documentation) when you are viewing reports for “today” or any date range that includes today. Matomo will look at all your logs for today in the database and process the reports every time that you request them.
By default, reports for today are processed every 10 seconds. The Matomo Super User can change this value in the “General Settings” admin panel. For high traffic websites, we recommend processing the reports once every hour (3600 seconds), which is a “near real time” approach.
Please read the Setup auto archiving page for more information.
Matomo also provides a real time view of your visits on your site… right now! You can see all new page views, actions and new visits coming to your site, refreshing automatically. This feature is enabled by the Live! plugin which is enabled by default in the Matomo dashboard (check out the demo).