The main value Content Tracking offers is providing insight on exactly which pieces of content on a page are actually seen by your visitors. Knowing whether a user saw a specific piece of content can be even more important if you utilise long-form sales pages, in-page adverts or frequently feature multiple sections of content within a single page.

The two main benefits of Content Tracking are:

  • Knowing What Your Users Have Seen – With a little configuration, you’ll be able to analyse which sections of content have been loaded or seen by a user. If a certain placement on your site dynamically loads multiple pieces of content, you can also use content tracking to provide insight into exactly how many times a specific piece of dynamic content was presented.

  • Measuring Effectiveness of Your Creative – Once you know that a specific banner or piece of content has been displayed on a page, you can evaluate the percentage of visitors who scroll far enough to see it and also how many times it needs to be seen to generate an interaction on average. This data can be especially useful for publishers who feature advertisements that generate revenue from content interactions e.g. on a CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) or CPC (Cost Per Click) basis.

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