Matomo (Piwik) provides a powerful and easy to use functionality that is designed to help you measure how many times a piece of Content was seen by your users, and how many times it was clicked on. We call this feature Content Tracking. Content Tracking reports how often a specific ad or a banner was displayed on any of your pages and how often a visitor actually interacted with them. We call these two parts content impression and content interaction. This feature is not only limited to ads or banners. You can use it for any kind of content. Learn more about Content Tracking.

Content Tracking reports will let you see:
– how many times a given ad was viewed by users (when it became visible in the browser)
– how many times a given ad was clicked
– the ratio of clicks / views, ie. how likely is it that a user clicks on the ad after seeing it.

How does this work? Once a page has loaded we log a content impression for each content block (ad block) within that page which of each consists of a content name (eg. “Sunset Poster”), a content piece (“product743.jpg” or “Buy Product 1 now”) and a content target (http://the-banner-link-url). As soon as a visitor clicks on a content block a content interaction is logged, allowing you to analyze the ratio of content impressions to content interactions.

By default. Content tracking does not track the location of the banner of the page. We don’t report whether the ad was displayed at the top of the bottom. To learn even more about how your page is overall used, and your banners overall clicked, check out the Heatmap reports. You can create a Heatmap for a given page, and then you can see visually how many people scroll down to a particular ad, how many moved their mouse over the ad, how many clicked on a particular ad, etc.