Within the Locations page which is situated in the Visitors section of the main navigation menu, in addition to the interactive map, you’ll also find several tables including data such as the countries, continents, regions, and cities that your visitors come from.

Locations Reports

Country, Continent, Region and City Reports

The Country, Continent, Region and City reports provide a text-based method for discovering your top visitor locations and can be especially useful for comparing cities and regions from multiple countries that won’t easily fit into the map view. You can learn more about interacting with tables more generally in the official Matomo Tour.

Alternative Location Reports

Providers Report

Depending on your version of Matomo, the Locations section may also offer a Providers report which tells you the visitors internet service provider as this can provide an indication as to both the location and type of user. For example, certain ISP brands are only available within certain regions and others could indicate that a visit is actually from a server such as Amazon AWS so the region may not be as important if you are seeking to analyse the traffic of human visitors to your site. If you don’t see this report and would like to, then you may need to install the Providers plugin from the marketplace.

Browser Language Reports

This is another report that doesn’t necessarily tell you about where a visitor is accessing your site from. Instead it tracks which language a visitor’s browser is set to which can give you an indication of the native language of your visitors.

In the absence of other location data, you could use this as an approximation, however a more interesting possibility is using this feature in combination with your other location data to build a more comprehensive picture of your audience. For example, if an immigration consultant notices a significant Portuguese community accessing their site from their local region within the USA they might consider adding Portuguese translations of their services on their website.

Other Location-Based Analytics Reports

While the Locations and Real-time Map are available in Matomo by default, there are other sections where location data is shown when you have specific features enabled. The two main examples of this are the Ecommerce and Goals sections where you can view metrics for each broken down by User location. You can see an example of this below:

Goals By LocationSales by Location

Goals by Country
Sales by Country

Dashboard Widget

If location data is important for your marketing efforts it is possible to create a custom dashboard containing the various location reports so you can easily check them alongside other key data. While creating a custom dashboard you can find all location data including the map under Dashboard > Add a widget > Visitors – Locations.

Visitors Locations Widget

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