The primary way to access location analytics data within Matomo can be found on the Locations page which is situated in the Visitors section of the main navigation menu. This page displays a map at the top left of the report which provides aggregate data on visits for a specific website, time and segment as defined by the data selectors at the top of the page.

Locations Reports

Below the map are several table reports for locations.

World Locations Map

Locations are shaded in a darker shade of blue depending on their relative number of visitors. If you hover your mouse over an area on the map, it will display a key in the bottom right-hand corner to give you an idea of approximately how many visits are represented by each colour. You can also hover your mouse over a specific region to see how many visits come from that location and what percentage that is of the total.

Locations Map Tooltip

Map showing Visits by Region

If you would like to analyse a certain country in more detail you can click on it to zoom in at the region level. While at the region level you can easily toggle between viewing regions or cities with the labelled icons at the bottom left of the map.


Map showing visits by City

When you are looking at a particular Country, you can click on the city icon City icon to display the Map showing Visits aggregated by City.

Top Cities, showing Visits for each city from France, with clustering

Detailed Information on Regions and Cities

Regions and Cities

At the region and city level, it is also possible to click on a specific region or city to load a popup containing a row evolution graph (example screenshot below) so you can see how the location is trending over time. Once you are finished reviewing a certain region, you can click out of the row evolution chart if applicable, and then click the zoom out icon Zoom Out Icon in the bottom left corner to return to the higher level map.

Location Row Evolution

Changing which metrics are plotted on the map

By default, maps within Matomo will show you the number of visitors from each region. However, it is possible to switch between multiple metrics for each location including:

  • Visits
  • Actions
  • Actions per Visit
  • Avg. Time on Website
  • Bounce Rate

You can select which metric to focus on from the dropdown shown at the bottom right of the map.

Location Map Metric Selection

Once selected, the map will update to show the new metric and can be navigated in the same way as before.

Locations Map Bounce Report


If the map doesn’t display properly check the following points:

  • Setup Geo location in your Matomo server
  • Check you are using a modern browser. We recommend latest version of Firefox.
  • If you still have a problem, please ask in the forums.

See also: Real Time World Map showing individual visitors.

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