Often companies will offer promotional PDF downloads, for example, a company whitepaper, a downloadable case study, or rates sheet. While you can automatically track downloads with Matomo, you may want to track specific documents central to your sales funnel as Goals. The steps for this are as follows:

  1. Visit the Goals section of Matomo and click the Manage Goals menu item.
  2. Click the big green Add A New Goal button to load the Update Goal page.
  3. Add a descriptive name such as Downloaded Company Brochure and potentially a short description.
    Brochure Download Goal
  4. Configure your Goal is triggered settings by updating the dropdown to when visitors and the bullet selection to Download a file.
  5. Update the where the filename dropdown to contains and then add your filename to the pattern text box. For example, if your uploaded file can be found at https://example.com/files/brochure.pdf then the path would be /files/brochure.pdf as shown in the image below.
    Matomo Filename Goal Trigger
  6. On this Goal you would not allow multiple conversions per visit as you are likely only interested in the fact that they have downloaded it at least once. So you can leave the remainder of settings and just hit the big green Add Goal button to publish your new goal.
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