If social media engagement is an objective for your website, then you may want to track when people share your blog content. In this case, there is no standardised way to track people clicking social media buttons as there are so many different types. Your first step here would be to create an event that is fired whenever people use social media buttons on your site. For the rest of this example, we’ll be assuming you’ve created an Event with the following attributes:

  • Event Category: Social Media
  • Event Action: Share
  • Event Name: {Social Media Sitename}

You can click here to learn how to set up events with Matomo.

Once you have created the custom Social Media Share event as described above, you would continue to create the Goal tracking as follows:

  1. Visit the Goals section of Matomo and click the Manage Goals menu item.
  2. Click the big green Add A New Goal button to load the Update Goal page.
  3. Add a descriptive name such as Clicked Social Share and potentially a short description.
    Social Media Goal
  4. Configure your Goal is triggered settings by updating the dropdown to when visitors and the bullet selection to Send an event.
  5. Update the where the Event Category dropdown to contains, and then add your Event Action to the Pattern text box. Following from the example mentioned above, the action would be Share as seen below.
    Matomo Event Goal
  6. With social media shares, if you are interested in people sharing multiple blog posts or sharing to multiple networks, you would set the Allow multiple conversions per visit option to Allow Goal to be converted more than once per visit.
  7. As you don’t need to record any revenue associated with this goal, you can skip the next setting and just hit the big green Add Goal button to publish your new goal.
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