If you are collecting email leads for a marketing newsletter, this is a prime candidate for a Goal. The simplest way to create a goal in this case would be to create a thank you page on your website that visitors are redirected to after completing a lead form. Once you have created your thank you page, complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the Goals section of Matomo and click the Manage Goals menu item.
  2. Click the big green Add A New Goal button to load the Update Goal page.
  3. Add a descriptive name such as Signed up to Newsletter and potentially a description.
    Update Goal - Newsletter
  4. Configure your Goal is triggered settings by updating the dropdown to when visitors and the bullet selection to Visit a given URL (page or group of pages).
  5. Update the where the URL dropdown to contains and then add your page path to the pattern text box. For example, if your newsletter thank you page is at https://example.com/newsletter/thank-you then the path would be /newsletter/thank-you as shown in the image below.
    Goal Trigger URL
  6. On this Goal you would not allow multiple conversions per visit as someone can only become a subscriber once, no matter how many forms they fill out. So you can leave the remainder of settings and just hit the big green Add Goal button to publish your new goal.
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