• Matomo (formerly Piwik) and Piwik PRO are independent from each other and separate entities.

  • Piwik PRO is not contributing anything to the Matomo (formerly Piwik) project.

  • Piwik PRO is a business entity in Poland.

  • There is absolutely no Piwik PRO employee or people who are part of the Matomo core team or who have any commit access to Matomo.

  • About the trademark: Piwik PRO owns the “Piwik PRO” trademark which was acquired from Matthieu Aubry, “Piwik” trademark owner.

  • Matomo is created and offered to you by InnoCraft and the Matomo team.

Piwik was founded by Matthieu Aubry in 2007, and renamed to Matomo in 2018. The Matomo project is maintained by the Matomo core team and the community at large. Anyone can get involved and join our team.

The founder of Piwik and Matomo along with the core engineers founded InnoCraft, providing enterprise-level web analytics to governments and businesses requiring full privacy compliance and 100% data ownership. InnoCraft also offers powerful premium products for Matomo as well as a Matomo Analytics Cloud service.

By using InnoCraft you will benefit from our higher quality products and services perfectly integrated into Matomo. For example we offer Form Analytics, Media Analytics, Heatmaps, Session Recording, and many more outstanding premium features. In terms of services we offer Support subscriptions, GDPR compliance solutions, Personalised user trainings, Matomo Enterprise, and more.

When you work with InnoCraft, you are directly supporting the Matomo project.

Contact the official Matomo support team here. We recommend that you work exclusively with the official Matomo team at InnoCraft for getting the best services and results.

If you have any other question, feel free to contact us.

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