InnoCraft are the creators and makers of Matomo. Our team of Matomo experts emphasise quality customer service and strive to build strong personal relationships with our customers.

We know that every business has different needs, structures and goals. Our services and solutions for the open digital analytics platform Matomo are designed to make sure you can use Matomo to its full potential and achieve your goals in the smartest way possible.

We help our customers get started, configure, monitor and make the most of their Matomo Analytics service. To achieve this, we offer a set of unique analytics products and services that help grow businesses worldwide, and can meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses alike:

We believe in openness, privacy and 100% data ownership. Our mission is to liberate analytics and we are passionate about measuring for success. Our co-founders are Matthieu Aubry (Matomo founder, originally from France) and Thomas Steur (Matomo lead developer, originally from Germany).

Our offices are located in New Zealand, and our community is worldwide with a strong core in Europe. Our company’s remote team members are mostly based in New Zealand but also in Germany, Austria, USA, France and India.

Our Matomo Cloud service is hosted in Europe. New Zealand is one of the few countries that the EU considers to have an adequate level of data protection. This provides legal certainty for Article 44 GDPR that the data does not go to a third country like the US. This means that Matomo Cloud is safe to use in the EU and fully GDPR-compliant.

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