You can easily backup and restore the Matomo data using the following commands.

Export your MySQL/MariaDB database in a file

You can use tools such as phpMyAdmin or mysqldump to do this. The simplest way to make a full copy of the MySQL database is to run the mysqldump command with this set of parameters:

$ time mysqldump --extended-insert --no-autocommit --quick --single-transaction MATOMO_DATABASE_NAME -uMATOMO_DATABASE_USERNAME -p > matomo_backup_database.sql

We can then compress this backup before sending it to the backup server:

$ tar zcf matomo-mysql-database-$(date +%Y-%m-%d-%H.%M.%S).sql.tar.gz matomo_backup_database.sql

Restore the backed up database dump

you can use phpmyadmin to import the file that you previously created, or restore the DB backup by running the following command:

 $ time mysql MATOMO_DATABASE_NAME -uMATOMO_DATABASE_USERNAME -p < matomo_backup_database.sql

This should create more than a dozen Matomo tables in your database and restore all your data.

Note: if you restore the backup in a “test” instance, you may be interested in disabling all email notifications.