By default, the Matomo (Piwik) Javascript code on all tracked websites contains the Matomo server URL. This is fine for most users, but someone (eg. a competitor) could run a script that would look at thousands or millions of websites and search for your Matomo server URL in the source code of these websites. This person could then find out all websites tracked in your Matomo instance. In some cases you might want to hide this Matomo URL completely while still tracking all websites in your Matomo instance. It is possible to do by modifying your Matomo Javascript code, and point it to a “proxy piwik.php script” instead of your Matomo server URL. This piwik.php script has to be uploaded on each of the websites tracked, and will automatically “forward” all requests to your secret Matomo server.

  • All documentation on how to install this script is at matomo-org/tracker-proxy.
  • Follow the instructions carefully and you will then have all your websites tracked without revealing your common Matomo URL, ensuring that nobody can find out the websites tracked by Matomo!

Note: this proxy technique also supports the Opt-out feature to exclude visits via the ignore cookie. You may also be interested in White label plugin for Matomo to provide a customised Matomo colors and product name to your clients.