This feature provides an export of attributed goal conversions for usage in ad networks like Google Ads so you no longer need a conversion pixel.

Where can I get the advertising conversion export feature?

This feature is a plugin for Matomo and is available for purchase on the Matomo Marketplace.

You can also get it as a hosted solution on our Matomo Analytics Cloud.

Where do I get more information about this feature?

The Advertising Conversion Export User Guide and Advertising Conversion Export FAQ cover how to get the most out of this premium feature.

Which Advertising Networks are currently supported?

Matomo currently supports exporting conversions for Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and Yandex Ads. If you are interested in support for additional advertising networks, please get in touch with our support.

Is it possible to export conversions in the past?

The plugin only exports conversions that were attributed with a click id. As those click ids are only tracked after the plugin is installed, it is not possible to export any conversions that were made prior to the plugin installation.

Can I export Ads conversion to Facebook from Matomo?

Exporting ad conversions to Facebook would be useful, however it is not possible with Matomo’s Advertisement conversion Export feature at the moment.