First you need to decide which goals of Matomo you want to export into Yandex Ads. Those goals need to be set up in Yandex Ads as offline conversions.

Set up the conversions in Yandex Ads that should be imported

  • Go to your Yandex Metrica Account
  • Click on “Add Tag”
  • Specify the Tag Name, Website address and the Timezone
  • Click on “Create Tag”
  • Scroll down and click on “configure goals”
  • Click on “Add goal”
  • Give the goal a name (This name needs to be used in Matomo later, but does not need to match a goal name in Matomo)
  • Select Condition type as “Javascript event” and set Goal ID matches the goal name mentioned in above step(Note you can change the condition as per your need)
  • Choose an appropriate option for “Revenue”
  • Click on “Add goal”

Enable offline conversion

After creating the tag and goal you need to enable offline conversion for each tag.

  • On the left menu click on “Settings”
  • Select the “Upload Data” tab
  • Click on “Enable offline conversion tracking”
  • The option to upload “offline conversion” takes 1-2 days to appear after you have enable offline conversion tracking
  • After 1-2 days you would see a button “Upload offline conversion” in the “Upload tab” in “Offline Conversion” section.

Set up a conversion export in Matomo

  • Go to Matomo Administration > Measurables (or Websites) > Conversion exports
  • Ensure the correct site is selected in the site selector
  • Click “Create new conversion export”
  • Configure the export depending on your requirements
  • For “Number of days to export”:
    • If you want to do the import into Yandex Ads on a daily basis we recommend to use 3 days
    • For a weekly import 9 days would be recommended
      Note: Yandex Ads will automatically ignore conversions that are imported twice due to the overlapping days, but this way you can be sure no conversion is missed if the import doesn’t work correctly one day.
  • Ensure the goal names you configured exactly match those configured in Yandex Ads before
  • Once the export was saved, go to the overview and click the icon to see the download link

Setup offline conversion

Currently Yandex Ads supports upload of offline conversions using 2 methods

  1. via Yandex Metrica website
  2. via API

Note: Matomo supports only offline conversion upload via Yandex Metrica website, which means you have to upload the conversions manually daily or the time frame best suitable to your need.

  • Go to your Yandex Metrica Account
  • Click on “Settings Icon” of the created using above steps.
  • Click on “Upload Data” tab
  • Click on “Upload offline conversions” button in “Offline conversions” section
  • Select “Binding type” as “yclid” and upload the file downloaded using the direct download link of the conversion export you have configured in Matomo.
  • Click on “Upload data”
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