Since the release of AdvertisingConversionExport version 4.0.12, Matomo will no longer store the actual value of clickIDs if no export is configured and instead it will store the value as anonymized. This is done to ensure that proper consent is taken from the user before storing the clickIDs, hence whenever you configure a new export you should ensure that a consent is taken from the user before the clickIDs can be stored by the plugin.

Due to above changes, when you configure a export initially you will see the export file will contain value as anonymized in the clickID column and due to which the Ad network can throw errors like “Invalid clickIds” or “GCLID has been altered or invalid”. The above issue occurs due to clickIds being logged as anonymized since there was no import configure for that source when the conversion was logged.

Such issues would be faced initially in cases where conversion was logged before an export was configured and can be ignored, we recommend to first setup the export and configure a conversion/goal to avoid such errors.

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