This is a follow-up release to address some portability issues raised in the recent Piwik 0.5 update.

Kristalin Chavdarov and Besnik Bleta contributed new translations, bringing the total to 32. Please contact Noah to assist with new translations and updates (more information on

  • Adding Bulgarian and Albanian
  • Updating Catalan, Finnish, and Dutch

Bug Fixes

  • Live! plugin – idaction column renamed to idaction_url
  • Dashboard should exclude disabled widgets — fix for pre-PHP 5.2
  • exits early if php5 not found (and script invoked with -e)
  • Fixed create a goal was setting goal type to undefined
  • Fixes #1060 JSON Parse Error in the Goals details page


  • Embed Flash functionality restored to Widgetize
  • Recognize additional search engines

Thanks to blueyed for patches.