New Features

  • #389 – MultiSites plugin – this plugin provides a multi-site, bird’s eye view of ALL your sites. An “All Websites” link is added to the top navigation bar. Note that it would have performance issues if your Piwik has more than a few hundreds registered websites. See live demo on
  • #1055 – SecurityInfo plugin – based on PhpSecInfo from the PHP Security Consortium, this plugin provides security information about your PHP environment and offers suggestions for improvement. It is not Piwik-specific. However, it is a useful tool in a multilayered security approach. As such, it does not replace secure development practices nor audit the code/application.

Bug fixes

  • #1060 – JSON parse error for Goal descriptions containing double quotes.
  • #1065 – Internet Explorer: JSON error when reloading page with Flash
  • #1069 – Dashboard loading error when referencing a widget that no longer exists in an enabled plugin
  • #1062 – Internet Explorer 8: subtables don’t expand with jQuery 1.3.2; quick fix using IE7 compatibility mode
  • #1074 – error messages in Live Controller index()
  • Incorrect locale for Albanian translation


  • #1072 – wrap plugin author name with author_homepage (instead of homepage)

Thanks to pebosi, python, and SvenL for patches.